Thursday, May 28, 2020


By Reverend Patrick Paul

President of the Bahamas Christian Council

For The Guardian

The people in The Bahamas, including the church will go into spiritual and economic repression and domination within seven to years, if they do not stop and trun from their unbelief in each other, apprehension of each other and doubtful impression of each other, according to Bahamas Christian Council president Reverend Patrick Paul in a written press statement. He said these type of experiences and more create criminals and destructive activities.

The Christian Council chief said the Lord gave him a message and told him that the church must lead the way by repenting, turning from its carnal, neglectful and wayward practices and assist in national challenges He said the church must devise a plan and strategies to work together as one body to deliver the nation out of the clutches of sin and evil and wicked men.

“There are several areas of sin that the nation of Israel committed, and The Bahamas has fallen into the same kind of sin practices. Israel was carted away to the four corners of the world for their national sins, however, Bahamians will go into repression and subjugation in our own country by foreigners and the investors on one hand, and be held hostage by criminal invasion for our national sins on the other hand.

“This will happen if the church collectively does not return to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ[because]it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings conviction and demands change in the heart of man. It is the gospel that demands the body of believers to identify the inability of man to do good and love each other like we should on our own. The church must return to the trenches, where most of the nations pain and hurt is. This is what brings hope to people that are in despair. This is what would strengthen the human spirit. This is what undergirds the family and brings comfort to the whole man, and peace to a society.

In doing this, salt will be applied and the light of the good news will give direction. This will happen as the church accepts ownership of and responsibility for the nation’s spiritual and moral plight. The nations spiritual and moral integrity were given to the church by the Almighty God and by the blood of Jesus Christ.


First: The judiciary is one of the pillars in society. Israel failed in that the judiciary system became corrupted. Justice was not being meted out as God intended by the law. Lawyers were using secular means to hoodwink and swindle judges. In addition, judges were secretly working for criminals behind the scenes. The judges that should execute justice were sabotaging the system for monies under the table. The judiciary failed society miserably.


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