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Housebreaking suspect in police custody

One of the men police suspect of involvement with a series of break-ins in southwestern New Providence is in police custody.

Police suspect David Cooper-Cunningham, 32, of Lifebuoy Street, is one of the alleged masterminds of the break-ins.

At a news conference last week, police said more than 60 reports of house break-ins have been recorded in southwestern New Providence in one month alone.

Superintendent Paul Rolle, officer-in-charge of the Southwestern Division, said break-ins more than doubled in the past two months in the division.

Police also want to question Keno Johnson, of Coconut Grove, in connection with the break-ins.

Cooper-Cunningham, whose street name is”Crocket”, is expected to appear before a magistrate today.

Cooper-Cunningham is also due to appear in court for the continuation of several armed robbery cases. Police allege he committed the offenses along with Timothy Cole.

Cooper-Cunningham, Cole and Franklyn Edgecombe are also charged with the December 2009 murder of Darron Farrington at Strachan’s Corner.

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