Monday, May 25, 2020

IQ or EQ

As I was flipping the channels on my TV set one evening some time ago, I stopped on CNN where The Larry King Show was already in progress. Larry was interviewing a panel of four Doctors, one of whom was well known Author and PBS TV lecturer Dr. Daniel Amen. They were basically discussing the brain, how to take proper care of it, and its ultimate potential. Larry King at one point asked the question; how come if we all possess this wonderful brain, some appear to be much smarter than others. One of the experts on the panel answered that question like this.

He said, that although all have the same potential to succeed in life through using their brain, there’s another vitally important matter which simply must be factored in, in order for people to be able to succeed and prosper. Then he put it like this; it’s not just a matter of IQ, meaning of course’Intelligence Quotient’, but it’s also a matter of EQ, meaning’Emotional Quotient’.

So, what he was saying in essence, as I understand it, is this. Yes, we ALL have the same magnificent brain which God gave us to take care of, and use to assist us in all aspects of our life. However, we also were given’Freewill’at birth, so how we choose to think, thus leading ultimately to our’Emotional Quotient’, plays a most vital role in whether we succeed or fail in life.

So My Friend, having heard what I’ve had to say so far, how is your’EQ’, your’Emotional Quotient’?In simple plain terms, it actually boils

down to this. When you’re using your brain power to think in a very upbeat, positive, constructive, and enthusiastic way, there’s no doubt about it, you will indeed succeed at all that you undertake in life. I guess that another way of putting this whole concept is summed up in that well known saying which goes like this”Your ATTITUDE is more important that your APTITUDE”.

Yes, we’re ALL brainy, we’re ALL very intelligent, with great emphasis on the word ALL; but we need to really KNOW, both intellectually and more importantly Emotionally, that this is in fact absolutely TRUE. When we really KNOW this deep down in our heart and soul, with no’Ifs’,’Buts’, or’Ands’to it, and thus really get emotionally upbeat about our prospects in life, about our inborn ability to succeed; that’s when we will indeed succeed at all that we undertake each and every day.

So, in a nutshell, it’s not just enough to know that you are intelligent, you have to emotionally get involved, and thus FEEL deep down inside, that you WILL indeed be successful.


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