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Love freely and sincerely

Too much love never spoils anyone. It is the one business in which it pays to be an absolute spend-thrift. Give it away, throw it away, splash it over, empty your pockets, shake the basket, and tomorrow you’ll have more than ever.”Love makes everything that is heavy lighter. So form the habit to love freely and sincerely.

Doctor P. Thomas, a psychiatrist, states that almost every emotional problem can be summed up in the cry of people: ”Love me.”Healthy people are those who walk around in search of someone to love. They are known for getting people to love one another, knowing that love is a principle of life.”As we give up our selfish seeking and long to reach out in genuine love, we receive many blessings.”–Ron Hembree.

The key to true happiness is to get busy in serving the needs of others. In the process of giving ourselves to others, we will soon find that we move several degrees toward happiness and joy in our own lives.

Many persons are miserable because they constantly think of things that they can do to make themselves happy. If we can forget about ourselves and fix our minds on how we can help to make others happy, a new feeling of worth will be our experience. The way to true happiness is to be engaged in things that will truly benefit others. Those who have mercy on the poor will have an abundance of joy. The object of care should always be to strive to make the less fortunate receive nuggets of hope. Love and affection that come from those who are rich in the graces of benevolence, will build well springs of happiness to the lonely.

“Whatever you give away, or think, or sow, or do, will multiply and return again to you. If hate you send, hate will get back to you. Love brings love nearer. Kindness comes so quickly back to those who first are kind. The only things you’ll ever have are the things you give away.”–Brian Tracy.

The more we give ourselves to those who are afflicted, widows and orphans, the greater will be our reward, if we serve without counting the cost. The story is told of a mother who insisted that her son makes his bed, picks up his toys and improves the overall care for his room. The boy asked,”What will you give me, if I do these things?His mother became a bit annoyed, paused, and then asked,”What rewards do you want?Don’t you see that your daddy is good for nothing, after I have done so much for him?”Words are reflections of the soul, not the secret of the brain. If that mother intended a negative message, we can accept the positive side of the concept–we should do good things for nothing. A self examination should be done, to be assured of the motive for extending the oil of kindness to those who are in need. Services that are rendered should be motivated solely by the law of love.

A general was told during a war that his people had no bread to eat, and therefore there should be an immediate intervention. He replied,”Let them eat cake.”Quite often people are naive and oblivious to the true needs of others, and are satisfied with their personal comforts. Whenever we deny the social, ethical and moral obligations that are due to humanity, we have violated the”love principle.”

Whenever we shut up our bowels of compassion, we close the avenue for blessings. It does no one any good to just recognize or talk about the felt and existing needs of the hurting ones in our communities. Instead, organized and concerted strategies must be made through individual or corporate efforts to help in the alleviation of existing suffering. There are times when we are apt to think that persons are limited to only physical and temporal needs to the neglect of mental and emotional challenges. These areas of concern are as significant as the need for food, clothing and shelter.

However, there are times when we reach a helping hand to persons in such situations, and our efforts are misunderstood and become ineffective. It could be that the help that is offered is not appreciated for several reasons. Perhaps what is given is not the most important need of the individual, or the timing could be wrong. In addition, our approach to rendering assistance might not be appropriate, because the help might make individuals feel transparent. They sometimes might develop an inferior complex because their selfesteem has been challenged. If the situation is an emotional issue, they might need time to unravel their unique and complexed situations so that the help that is rendered can be effective

Love is a law of life which must be upheld without barriers or vain excuses. Just practice to love freely and sincerely. What will matter when we come to the end of life is the love that was shared, and the loving relationships that were built. Every morning starts a day of opportunities to plant seeds of love. There is no magic for a full harvest of love, than to love others sincerely.

Pansy Hamilton Brown can be reached at, or P.O. Box N-10152

Nassau, Bahamas.

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