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Glinton wears many hats, and sturdy heels

Many”hat”changes are needed for Dominique Glinton to get through her workday, juggling the jobs of property manager, office manager, litigation administrator, administrative assistant to the director of finance and operations, and immigration administrator at the law firm where she works.

“And I do it in heels,”Glinton said, referencing the three flights of stares and no elevator at the firm’s premises.”I’m just running from flight to flight, getting it done.”

Glinton has been with Glinton Sweeting O’Brien(GSO), since 2005. GSO is one of the country’s leading law firms specializing in offshore financial services. According to Glinton, she manages work days starting at 7:15 a.m. and often running until 6:45 p.m. Her efforts were recognized this year as she received the Bahamas Financial Services Board’s Achiever of the Year Award.

“How I get through these days is basically proper planning and time management,”Glinton said.”That’s key. I don’t like wasting time because once its gone, you have to cut in some areas to make it up.”

“I love my job,”Glinton told Guardian Business.”I work for great guys.” She said the fact that she has the full support of the firm’s partners and her supervisor is critical to her success and the joy she derives from her work.

“I feel like what I’m contributing really counts, and that my voice, as well as the voice of the staff is heard,”Glinton Said.”To get[the partners’]support is great, a lot of people can’t really say that where they work.”

Glinton’s accomplishments have been made without the benefit of a college degree. She is due to complete an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Atlantic College by the end of 2011.

“I think for someone who is still pursing a Degree, I’ve achieved a lot,”Glinton said. ”I do have a lot of expertise and knowledge that makes up for the lack of a degree.”

Despite the fact that she is making her way without it, she said when she is able to add the degree to her list of accomplishments,”it’s going to be so, so good, and a great personal accomplishment.”She expects that it will be one of her greatest achievements.

Glinton said that she is the only female in management at her firm.”I don’t feel the sexist issue, not at all,”she added. According to her it creates opportunities to bring a unique female perspective to improving the work environment, and adding an element of”fun”.

Glinton says that everyone faces challenges irrespective of the job tittle.”There will always be challenges, advantages, disadvantages, but I make the best of what is before me and learn as I progress,”she said.

“At the end of the day, I am pleased to know 80 percent of the work is done. Everything is never going to get done–I’m beginning to realize that–but 80 percent is good enough for me.”

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