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Lifespan versus life expectancy

Most Saturdays I watch the program’The Open Mind’with Host Richard D. Heffner on PBS, as he has some really wonderful guests who engage in intelligent, very informative discussions. Last Saturday Host Heffner was interviewing Dr. John Rowe, who is a professor and President of Columbia University Medical School. They were discussing the fact, that people appeared to be living longer than they used to just a few short years ago. Then Host Heffner put the following question to Professor Rowe. As medical science is progressing, what can we honestly expect the average lifespan to be in the next fifty to a hundred years?

Dr. Rowe answered that question by stating, that lifespan and life expectancy were two completely different things. He further stated, that especially in Japan and other parts of the world, people are living to be one hundred to one hundred and twenty years old. So he said, that that is the lifespan of a whole lot of people; however, he was quick to add, that life expectancy is a whole different matter.

Now, when he said that, I immediately realized, that in the long run, it’s all about how we actually see things, it’s all about what we actually BELIEVE to be The Truth. There have been many great books written about’The Power of Expectancy’, and as I have stated before on many occasions in these articles in the end we all get, not what we idly hope for, but what we actually EXPECT to take place in our life.

Yes My Friend, there are indeed people in the world who are now living to be one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty years old; however, the important question for you to answer is this….what age do you EXPECT to live to?Personally, I fully EXPECT to live a very long, healthy, and most importantly enjoyable life and fully BELIEVE, that I will live to be at least one hundred and twenty years old. You see, I’m still very excited about life in general, and I honestly BELIEVE, that I have a whole lot more to accomplish in my life. I’m completely upbeat and fully EXPECT to continue doing great things using my God-given talents to inspire and really motivate people to succeed, for many, many more years to come, many more moons, as the saying goes. My life expectancy is high….now how about you My Friend?

Don’t ever forget, that you get to CHOOSE your thoughts each and every minute of each and every day. So, why not CHOOSE to EXPECT to live a long, productive life, and that’s exactly what will happen…..I guarantee it!



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