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Long Island school students celebrate District Carol Service

After weeks of practice, Long Island students showcased their singing ability at their annual District Carol Service at the Highway Church of God in the settlement of Doctor’s Creek in north Long Island.

Melodious songs of Christmas bellowed through the air as the students readied themselves school by school for their performances under the watchful eye of teachers. This year’s theme was”A Promise of Hope.”

The Carol Service was moderated by Jermaine”Turkey”Adderley, the Ministry of Youth liaison officer for the island. District superintendent and veteran educator Basil McHardy reminded teachers and students that Jesus is still the true meaning for the Christmas season. And Father Chester Burton, rector of St. Peter’s Anglican Parish brought the message.

He spoke to the students of his youthful days in St. Barnabas Church in Nassau, and remembered his rector Fr. Gilbert Thompson always saying,”The son of God became son of man, so that the sons of men can become sons of God.”This is the mystery of the incarnation which took place when Jesus came to earth to dwell with humanity.

Before stepping over many eons recorded in the Old Testament he took youngsters back on a virtual tour of the creation story and re-enacted the event so the youngsters could understand why Jesus was sent to restore the bond corroded by the act[sin]Adam and Eve committed. All throughout the pages of the Old Testament, prophet, priest and king wondered and questioned in their heart about this God who created humans and left them to fend for themselves. Until Isaiah started to proclaim that Jesus would be born. In Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6″. . . and He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

The birth of Jesus initiates the salvation process of humanity and John’s gospel records in the prologue,”And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

The day’s event ended on a high note with the District of Long Island paying homage to one of its own, Sherry Fox for her long years of dedicated service to the Long Island District and to the Students of Mangrove Bush in particular where she served as principal for many years.

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