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Phone service challenges impact Bahamas Fast Ferries

The ringing of hundreds of phone calls a day has been replaced with three days of silence, according to Bahamas Fast Ferries.

Khaalis Rolle, Chief Marketing Officer at the company, said that since a T1 line was severed on Saturday, his company has had no phone service, and only yesterday received any response on the matter from the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC). Up to press time the ferry company’s phone lines were still down.

“Our phone lines are critical to this business, and we are paralyzed because of it,”Rolle said.

Rolle told Guardian Business that the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation performed road works in East Bay Street area near the Trans Island Traders building this past weekend, resulting in a T1 line being severed on Saturday. According to Rolle it has left the Potter’s Cay area where his company is located without telephone and fax service ever since.

‘It’s really destroying our business right now,”said Rolle.”This is the worst possible time. The only reason we decided to mention it[to the media]is that we are days into it and still see no end in sight, and it’s at a critical stage right now.”

Up to press time BTC did not confirm toGuardian Businessthat the slow response time to repair the line or get back to the subscriber was the result of the recent work stoppage at the company.

The company’s Internet service is up and running, but Rolle said that many of the firm’s customers use the telephone to make their travel arrangements. He added that there would have been a lot of pre-booking for travel, so the full impact may not be seen for some time.

After Rolle’s calls to the media yesterday reporting the incident, he reported that BTC acting president&CEO I. Kirk Griffin did call to advise him that the matter would be addressed.

BTC reported in a press statement yesterday that it has sought and obtained an injunction from the Supreme Court which would restrain the unions and their leadership from”in any manner interfering with or impeding the employees of[BTC]from engaging in their lawful occupations” or”from inducing or procuring employees of[BTC]to break with their respective contracts of employment by taking part in any unlawful industrial action against[BTC].”

“…We believe that there is a much more productive way to serve the interest of all BTC stakeholders. And that is through open and honest dialogue with all parties involved,”the BTC acting president said earlier.

“We hope that this injunction would bring an end to the illegal work stoppage and we know the parties in this process are open to discussion on all matters of mutual interest,”Griffin said in a release.

Whether or not industrial unrest was impeding BTC’s ability to correct the problem Rolle called”irrelevant”, and said that his company’s primary concern was getting the phones up and running.

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