Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Scotiabank gives back to local retirement home

Increasing its community profile, Scotiabank Bahamas celebrated Thanksgiving with the residents of the Mary Ingraham Retirement Home through its”Give a Smile for Thanksgiving”campaign.

“It went very well,”said Managing Director of Scotiabank Bahamas Malcom said.”It was just a chance for us to give back to the community and to share with that particular community some pre-Christmas cheer and some goodwill. It was a very good luncheon, it was attended by 25 older folks and we spent the afternoon with them.”

A number of Scotiabank staff members served a bountiful lunch to the residents of the home and provided them with a special gift of new furniture. This was all made possible as a result of the bank’s”Give a Smile for Thanksgiving”initiative.

Through this initiative, Scotiabank staff members were asked to donate the value of one day’s lunch to The Mary Ingraham Retirement Home and the bank would in turn match the donation.

The bank’s approach to having a presence in the community is tied to its longevity in The Bahamas, as its Wulff Road Branch celebrated 50 years of service in October. It also plans to continue giving back to the citizens, as they have charitable events planned with differentgroups including the RanfurlyHome.

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