Monday, May 25, 2020
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Strike at night courts continues

A continuing strike by support staff has shut down the night courts, Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez has confirmed.

And staff, protesting not being paid since July, vow they will not return to work until they receive what is owed to them.

Gomez said he hoped the situation would be resolved soon. It is unknown how many litigants have been inconvenienced as a result of the strike.

The night courts at Nassau Street, which deal with small claims civil cases and traffic matters, last sat on December 2. The strike began on December 3.

According to striking staff, they have not yet been informed as to when they will be paid.

Staff first protested by walking off the job on November 16. However, they returned to work the following day after receiving assurances that they would be paid.

The Nassau Guardianunderstands that the night court staff have been told it is unlikely they will be paid in December.

One staff member toldThe Guardianthey had hoped the government would act in good faith by at least paying some of what is owed. The worker said,”Christmas is coming and we were hoping for something if they couldn’t pay all.”

The worker added that the courts bring in revenue through fines and warrant cancellations. According to a source, sometimes staff work past midnight after completing full shifts at other courts.

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