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Take a deep breath and let go and

Let go and let God.­­Everyone’s heard this phrase at least once in their lifetime, especially when they’re facing times of crisis and don’t know where to turn. When the bills are due and they don’t know where the money’s coming from to pay them. When their child has been arrested for the fifth time. When they are told they are critically ill. When they are let go from their jobs. In times of crisis most people have uttered to themselves, or been told this popular phrase used to dismiss one’s problems. But what does this saying that brings a level of comfort to so many people actually mean?According to several ministers this is a proclamation of faith and hope but many people misuse the phrase or often say it, but don’t live by it.

“Letting go and letting God is a powerful thing that many people need to practice more,” says Reverend T.G. Morrison, head pastor at Zion Baptist Church at the corner of East and Shirley Streets. He says that when you really let go and let God do His will in your life, it is purely about trust and faith.

“When you think about letting go and letting God you have to believe that God has everything in control. As humans we believe that we must be in control and possess all that we need in our hand so that our’perfectly constructed’world doesn’t become unglued. But the more you struggle to keep your life together without heavenly intervention the more you realize that you can’t do it alone. It is in God’s hands.”

According to Rev. Morrison people often don’t remember that God promised throughout the Bible that He would care for their every need.”They get so caught up in their current problem that they forget that God provides for the lilies in the field and the sparrow in the air and He will do much more for His children if we just let Him.”

The Baptist pastor says trusting God enough to let him have control of your life is not based on blind faith. He says history shows that He has delivered His children out of bondage, famine and wars once they believed in him and let Him do things in His way and His time.

“God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. His never ending love and guidance will not change or stop so just have faith in your time of need that He knows what He is doing.”

Although many people want to trust that God will make things alright it is pointless to have that trust if you are still going to get in His way, according to Bishop Simeon Hall, head pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church on the East-West Highway.

“Most people, particularly those in crisis, pray for help to come and an answer to their problems to materialize through God, yet they still get in the way of this even having a chance to happen. You want God to work it out but you are not willing to live by faith. Many Christians need to see before they believe. They live by sight and not faith.”

Living by sight and not faith is not the way mature Christians need to be, according to Bishop Hall.

“You should understand that things happen the way they need to happen when they need to happen. You have to let go and give up your own plans and your own self will so that you can hear and see clearly when God is moving in your life. You just have to trust that God will do what He promised to do.”

Another mistake Hall says that many people make when they try to live by”letting go and letting God”is that they try to tie God’s hands by fashioning their requests to suit themselves.

“For instance a young woman may pray to God to send her a good husband but she knows that she is in love with a Jim so she says’Lord I place it in your hands to find me a good husband but please let it be Jim.’God in turn may have John or Paul set aside for[her], but since[she’s]so set on Jim[she]never gives the people God sent for[her]a chance and[she doesn’t]recognize when[her]prayer is answered.”

The vocal pastor who is well-known for speaking out on issues he believes in, says even when you want to let God do His will in your life, people should not get confused and assume that they should not do anything in the first place and just wait on God to make life better for them.

“Much like the disciples in the Bible, the people that God calls are always following a different path, doing a different job or busy making plans to make things happen in their own lives and He took them away from their ways and set them on the right path. So it is important for you to be heading somewhere in the first place for God to show you where you really need to go. God will help you with your dreams as long as you put work into it as well,”said Bishop Hall.

Calvary Baptist Church head pastor Reverend Dr. Philip McPhee says letting go and letting God is one of the things that this country needs to get back on track morally and spiritually.

“Letting go and letting God is something that we don’t do enough in this country and it is destroying us,”said the pastor of the church located on Baillou Hill Road and Laird Street.”This is a critical time in the country’s history where we have the most murders[91 as of Monday, December 7]we’ve ever had in our history happening in our nation today. We are not only losing men, but women and children as well. We need to learn how to just loosen our grip on having materialistic things and hold tighter to God. We keep holding on to things that we think are important, and let the actual essential things pass us by. We need to go back to the old Christian principles and remember what this time of year was really about years ago–mother and father would go to the Christmas play recital and watch their child dance around. These were moments of fun and excitement that parents would enjoy as much as their child did. There was lots of church-going and caroling around this time too, but these practices seem to be dying out quickly.”

With the Christmas holidays approaching, Dr. McPhee says this is the season to test your faith and just let God keep you afloat.”The recession and the[ailing]economy are teaching everyone a lesson on just how much they can survive on so little, but people are worrying about unnecessary things that only lead to trouble in this season. This is the festive season yet we have so many people who kill one another or commit suicide around this time. This is because greed, vanity, pride, gluttony and depression eat away at them because they can’t get what they want, so they commit suicide or try to steal it from someone else. This is not the way to go and people should be thinking about what is best for them in the end.”

Rev. Dr. McPhee says if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and you’re wondering how things will work out, it’s time to just let go and let God do the rest.

“He will make a way out of no way and He will answer your prayers if you step aside and let Him. His answer may not be what you were expecting but it is the answer that you need,” he said.

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