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Colebrooke gives sports perspective-Part III

These days, Kevin Colebrooke is settling into a concentration on the items of responsibility under his jurisdiction.

They are, heading the administration of the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex, the sports of rugby, bowling, golf, billiards and also sports tourism. Colebooke is satisfied that in those areas, there is progress.

He has provided an overview of those disciplines:

RUGBY-“The rugby folks have always been self-sufficient. They have their fund-raising programs and they are progressing very well regionally. There is a different face on rugby today. They have a very strong youth movement. They are involving a lot of young people, including females. There is no doubt that the future looks very bright for rugby in The Bahamas.

GOLF”This sport is also progressing. The golf leaders are doing a great job with the nine-hole facility within the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex. They have quite a number of events for the young golfers and they are advancing the skill level of the players. There is however the situation of them not being able to access the 18-hold courses. As you know, they are all privately owned by the hotels which reserve the courses for their guests and members. The answer to this problem would be a public golf course.”

BOWLING”We’ve been out of bowling for a long time until recently. There has not been a lot of it. There was none in New Providence for quite a while and in Grand Bahama there was a lull. However, the sport is alive now. Players from Grand Bahama have been attending tournaments in Florida and they have been doing well.”

(Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace is a state-of-the-art facility in New Providence that is now accommodating bowlers).

BILLIARDS”There has just been a recent election and the officers are set to take the sport forward. The potential for billiards is great. There are a lot of sharpshooters who know their way around a table. There is a necessity however for the billiards community to seek to erase the bar-room stigma. I believe they are making inroads there because the last event was held at a hotel. I see that they are working toward taking the bar-room concept out of their mindset.”

SPORTS TOURISM”You know, we got into sports tourism through the swim complex. As a result of the foreign teams that have been training at the facility, this ministry has been into sports tourism for some nine years. Every December and January,(college/university)teams from the United States and Canada come in to train and we have been very successful. Of course, now the Ministry of Tourism has a new Sports Director, Tyrone Sawyer, and we will work closely with him.”

Colebrooke is convinced that his areas will continue to strive. He notes that as the sporting landscape grows generally in The Bahamas and throughout the world, that development can only happen when the entities within the overall programs advance. Colebrooke is the Chief Sports and Recreation Officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. He has been in the position for more than a decade.

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