Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Night courts up and running

The night courts are now functioning as usual despite the decision by some support staff to strike in protest of unpaid wages, according to Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez.

The government has not paid clerical staff since July. Magistrates were forced to adjourn cases when support staff did not show up for work on November 16 and December 3. The courts deal with small civil claims and traffic cases.The Nassau Guardianunderstands the court sat on Wednesday. Some staff returned to work without an assurance as to when they will receive money owed.

In November, Magistrate James Moxey told litigants that court could not sit due to circumstances beyond his control. Magistrate Ellen Serville heard first pleas. Two weeks later, Moxey did not sit at all. Litigants were told they would be informed of new court dates and were asked to sign a piece of paper as proof they were present.

One of the court staff members toldThe Guardianthat they had hoped the government would have acted ingood faith by at least paying some of the money owed. The worker said,”Christmas is coming and we were hoping for something if they couldn’t pay all.”

According to a source, staff sometimes work past midnight after completing full shifts in other courts.

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