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Christie: I am not an indecisive leader

Former Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday called on the Bahamian electorate to revisit their characterization of him as an indecisive leader.

With the next general election to be called in 2012, Christie promised that if given another opportunity to lead the country again, mistakes made in the past would not be repeated by a Progressive Liberal Party government.

“They mischaracterized me. I oversaw an extraordinary five-year period where we impacted the country in a very enriching way both economically, and I think in terms of maturity-the approach to governance. And so from that point of view I think it is wrong. When you look at all of the programs we did, an indecisive leader could not make that happen,”Christie said.

“I am saying that the people of The Bahamas ought to revisit the characterization of me as indecisive. And, with respect to whether or not we control our people, I admitted frankly that when people saw some of the decisions I made with respect to people who they thought should be dismissed or dismissed earlier than they were or resignations accepted, I accept that I may have allowed people to believe it was due to indecision. And that when I made the declaration, that if I was given another opportunity those things would not happen again I thought I was making a full and frank expression that those things would not happen in any future PLP government that I lead,”he said.

Christie was a guest speaker on Island’s FM weekly talk show Parliament Street, which was hosted by former journalist and politician Charles Carter and Patti Roker.

The Farm Road and Centerville MP shot down suggestions that he was holding on to the party’s top post by his fingernails.

“I have been tested,”Christie said.”We had people who ran against me. I got 86 percent of the votes and therefore it would seem to me that it is a safe conclusion to draw that I have the overwhelming support of PLP voters and supporters in the country. And therefore, I believe that is entirely due to the fact that they saw what I did in my five years, and they have concluded that if I had five additional years the country would have been measurably improved over what it is today and they would wish to give me that chance.”

With regard to succession within the party, Christie gave no indication as to who is being tipped to replace him, but said the PLP should be proud of the fact that it has an extraordinary array of talented men and women who are in Parliament and who are aspiring to get in Parliament.

“Quite frankly it would be a lottery for me now to suggest that I know who will succeed me, because there are so many qualified aspirants. Philip Brave Davis is the new deputy leader of the party, but as you would appreciate there are many others knocking at the doors of leadership because they feel that old biblical thing’Here I am Lord, send me’, and in a way politically there will be some who will be looking to me to assist them in the way you suggested, that Sir Lynden Pindling assisted me in becoming leader of the party.”

Christie was confident that he will form the next government, and with that there will be persons who would be more than qualified to take over as leader.

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