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Club Land’or workers to receive delayed salaries, bonuses

Club Land’or has agreed to immediately pay tens of thousands of dollars in delayed salaries and bonuses to its nearly 60 employees,Guardian Businesscan confirm.

The resort’s sale status has also been confirmed to union members.

The sum of money represents unpaid salaries from last week that should have come with the seasonal boost, said Darrin Woods, secretary general for the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union.

“They havesent a letter saying that they will pay the employees forthwith,”he toldGuardian Business.”In total, payroll for this is tens of thousands of dollars.

“They assured us that the company is not going anywhere[and]that they are just looking for a strategic partner.”

The property was recently put on the market, as the global economy culled occupancy levels for almost all properties on Paradise Island and New Providence. A$45 million price tag is now attached to the sale of the well-known membership club and hotel. It’s a change of hands that has made settling issues regarding the employee payments even more pertinent.

Woods added that while the union would closely monitor the situation at the hotel, the”good thing”was that part of the employee contract as it related to pension funds ensured that those obligations would be first preference in a sale of the property or redundancies.

The latest news follows the resort recently being threatened with legal action over tens of thousands of dollars in employee salary deductions for the workers’credit union.

In November, Club Land’or was$50,000 behind in payments to the National Workers Co-operative Credit Union(NWCCU)on behalf of its employees.

“The money has been deducted from salaries, but not sent to the credit union…”President of the NWCCU Alfred Poitier toldGuardian Businessin an earlier interview.”It really is in poor taste for a corporate citizen[and]they need to do better.”

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