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Opposition leader denies candidate selection challenges in PLP

Opposition Leader Perry Christie yesterday rejected reports that the Progressive Liberal Party has hit a roadblock with regard to its candidate selection for the next general election.

“Today as leader of the PLP, I am fully aware of what the candidates committee would do whenever I ask them to make the vote. But from my point of view I have an obligation to ensure this full expression in the process that we are creating of having people participate in this election,”he said during Island 102.9 FM’s weekly talk show Parliament Street.

“Even though there is anger, even though there is dismay at the end of the day we are going to make the right selection and we are going to have candidates who would have been better known as a result of what you call this apparent conflict,”Christie said.

Speculation is rife within that the party has run into difficulties with respect to choosing candidates.

“I am very satisfied, very happy with the position we are in today heading to this blessed Christmas season,”Christie said.

According to a report in Friday’s edition ofThe Nassau Guardian, the process has stalled. The first four PLP candidates for seats not currently held by the party were selected in March.

Senators Jerome Fitzgerald(Marathon), Michael Halkitis(Golden Isles), and Hope Strachan(Sea Breeze), along with political newcomer Dr. Kendal Major(Garden Hills)will represent the party at the next general election.

The PLP named several other candidates since March, halting the process due to controversy in the South Beach, Kennedy and Pinewood constituencies.

Yesterday Christie reported that there are no worries with regards to candidate selection.

“To those people who are concerning themselves about the PLP, they should not really waste their time because we are going to be ready for the next general election, and most certainly when it comes to the selection of candidates we are going to have an array of new and exciting candidates for them, that I think will enable the Bahamian people to feel that the PLP has renewed itself sufficiently for them to have the level of confidence necessary for us to form the government,”said the former prime minister.

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