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Annual martial arts show atAtlantis

Over 500 martial artists will meet at the Atlantis Resort this weekend to compete in the Second Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championships(ICMAC). The world class competition has attracted top martial artists from around the world, who will display routines in traditional Kung Fu, Wushu, Sanda, Tai Chi, continuous sparring and weapons forms.

Divisional weigh-ins were held yesterday, with competition set to start at 8 a.m. today and continue on Sunday. Kent Bazard, President of the Bahamas Wushu Sanshou Association(BWSA)along with Nick Scrima, a representative of the ICMAC of the North American and International Tournaments paid a courtesy visit on the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Charles Maynard and Director of Sports Tim Munnings, yesterday.

Maynard said: ”I want to welcome you to The Bahamas once again. I want you to know how grateful we are for this competition to be held, once again, in The Bahamas. It is the government’s intention to attract as many international competitions as possible, especially those that are in an emerging field. We believe that The Bahamas is a perfect fight. There is no better place to compete than in paradise. We are happy to pledge our support to our local organization and of course to the international tournament. We look forward to a long lasting relationship, moving forward.

“This is a mixed martial arts movement so what it does, it gives Bahamians an opportunity to express themselves. The BWSA organization has carried the martial arts movement to another level in The Bahamas. As they described it, it is wide movement and a great opportunity for many more Bahamians to get involved. I saw an exhibition of their skills, the sport teaches you discipline, how to take care of your body obviously how to compete and be an athlete. It is one of those sports disciplines that helps to develop people so we are very pleased to support them.”

Among the 500 martial artists, Bazard said 100 will be from the local arena. He described the three-day tournament as the largest martial arts tournament, to be held in The Bahamas. Last year some 300 martial artists competed in the event. The increasing numbers from the local front has Bazard confident that the talent will put several Bahamian martial artists on top, in the various divisions.

Bazard said: ”We are looking forward to exciting competitions. We know that the sport has grown and we are confident that our Bahamian competitors are even more prepared for the tournament. So watch out

international competitors, we are coming on strong.”

The finals in all events will be held on Saturday at 7 p.m. A seminar will be held on Sunday at the Atlantis Resort. Master Nick Gracenin, Shifu Bob Messinger, Shifu Kenneth P Lewis and Sifu Rahman Khabir will conduct the seminar.

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