Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A taste of tea

It was truly an afternoon of elegance, sophistication, fun and laughter, that left all that attended with warmed hearts–the Heart Ball Committee’s Annual Tea Party and Fashion Show at Government House.

Guests were treated to local teas and treats from Beth’s Kitchen, Island Rose Tea Ltd., Pasion Tea and Twinnings, and were fascinated with the models wearing fashions from Envy Me Fashions, Cat Walk Fashion, Afrotique Clothing&Accessories, The Seventeen Shop, and Avis Munroe. The stylish and chic hats that adorned the heads of models from Hat’s by Patrice were indeed eye-catching, as were the jewelry on display from B’Jou Classique, and Nadia Campbell Jewellery.

As guests sipped tea and enjoyed the fashions on display, they were entertained with the soft music played by Gary”Super”Johnson as the picturesque backdrop of Government House made the event more enjoyable, and as show attendees did their part to help fix one little heart at a time.

The Tea Party and Fashion Show was topped off with a hat competition, a table decorating contest and of course the coveted raffle. Ironically, the winner of the table decorating contest was Coretta Owen, co-chairman of the Heart Ball. Past heart patient Hadassah Greene was the winner of the door prize.

Funds raised from the annual tea party and fashion show go to The Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization, established in 1961 by Lady Evelyn Sassoon to assist with the cost of heart treatment and care, for those unable to afford it. The main goal of The Heart Foundation has always been to assist persons with heart care. Over the years, due to many challenges, The Heart Foundation has narrowed this goal to primarily assist children, with the hope of never turning anyone away.

The Foundation runs primarily on a voluntary and contributory basis. As such, 97 percent of the funds received go directly to the treatment of heart disease in children and the remaining three percent or less covers the cost of administration. The Heart Foundation has two major arms to help it fulfill its goals: The Bahamas Heart Association(the educational arm)and The Heart Ball Committee(the fundraising arm).

The Heart Ball Committee is accepting nominations for the 2010 Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award. Nominations can be submitted to: The Golden Heart Award Committee, P.O. Box N-8189, Nassau, The Bahamas, or alternatively, hand-delivered to Grosham Property, Cable Beach at the office site for The Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas) Heart Foundation. The award is given annually to the person who has given of himself unselfishly to promote human welfare and dignity while making life better for his fellowmen.

In 1969, The Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Foundation instituted the Golden Heart Award to be given annually to the person who has given of himself unselfishly to promote human welfare and dignity while making life better for his fellow men.

The winner of the 1968 Golden Heart Award, awarded in 1969, was Dr. Maria Bachem, the then clinical director of St. Francis Xavier’s free health and pre-natal clinic. She was recognized for her unpublicized work among the poor and the elderly during her 14 years in The Bahamas.

Since 1969, the award has been presented to many deserving persons. In 1998 the award’s name was changed to the Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award, in honor of The Founder of The Award and The Sassoon Heart Foundation, Lady Evelyn Sassoon. Lady Sassoon established the Heart Foundation, in 1961, as a living tribute to her late husband Sir Victor Sassoon, to help children suffering from heart defects in The Bahamas.

The most recent winner of the award, The 2009 Golden Heart Award, was Dr. Donald Gerace who is known for his giving nature and community building efforts. He gained fame in The Bahamas for his work in San Salvador at the Gerace Research Centre. Additionally, when Hurricane Francis struck San Salvador, Dr. Gerace, through his U.S. connections, helped to get needed supplies and materials to the island to help the people to rebuild. One of Dr. Gerace’s most significant gifts to The Bahamas has been the number of students who have profited from the scholarships he has helped to arrange.

The year 2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of The Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Heart Foundation. It will be noteworthy for an individual with a golden heart, who has touched the lives and hearts of others to receive the award during the 50th anniversary celebrations of The Heart Foundation. The Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award will be presented at the 47th annual Heart Ball, scheduled to be held on February 19, 2011 at Radison Cable Beach Resort.

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