Thursday, May 28, 2020

Drunk driving kills

Drunk driving kills, and statistics for deaths due to drunk driving are appalling. Due to observation and investigation by the Police Traffic Division, drunk driving plays a prevalent part in the amount of traffic accidents occurring on our streets.

The use of alcohol increases during the Christmas holidays mainly because there are many office parties, people celebrating the end of another year and of course, the annual Junkanoo parades.

Globally, statistics have shown that drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death among young people. There are far too many deaths related to drunk driving each year. To think that some of these young people aren’t even old enough to drink but yet their lives have been taken away because either they or someone else got behind the wheel of a car and decided to do some drunk driving.

The facts about drunk driving are staggering. What is most unfortunate is that to keep drunk driving from occurring is simple. If someone you care about is going to get behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk, all you have to do is take the keys away from him or her and call a cab, or drive them home. Many traffic fatalities would have been prevented if someone had done this.

The euphoria that alcohol creates is like a cloud of askewed perception. When a person’s perception is off they can do things they could regret for the rest of their lives. Good people accidentally kill people every year because they drive drunk. This is something that cannot be taken back. The person will never get their life back after it has been taken.

The most unfortunate thing about drunk driving is that the majority of the time it is the drunken person that lives through the crash while others might perish. The reason for this is because the drunk’s body is relaxed and not tense, therefore they can be in an accident and being relaxed might not break their bones as easily as a tense person.

Innocent people are dying every day and it can be prevented. If the person has a problem with drinking then do what is in your power to get them help. If time after time they find themselves behind the wheel of the car drunk, then they need to get sober or they might just end another person’s life.

When going to a party always designate a non-drinking driver or use a taxi. Arrive alive–don’t drink and drive.

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