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Legs for days: Legwear trends for fall and winter

Baby, it’s cold outside!If this weather has you reaching for two pairs of socks, a blanket and tam just to go to sleep, chances are your regular wardrobe isn’t cutting it in the daytime either.

Stay warm and effortlessly transition your summer dresses, skirts and shorts into winter with some of the hottest legwear trends this season. From bold opaque tights to over-the-knee socks, your legs will take center stage in these affordable and oh-so-chic winter favorites.

Colored Opaque tights

Black opaque tights are a wardrobe staple, especially when the temperature starts to dip. For an eye-catching twist on a classic, opt for colored opaque tights instead of the traditional black. Warm jewel tones such as navy blue, purple, and burgundy look divine for the winter and will compliment many of the colors already in your wardrobe.

Wearing opaque tights is easier than you think.

Try matching your tights and shoes. Matching your opaque tights to the color of your shoes is a nifty trick to make your legs look long and lean.

Cozy tights and knits. A simple sweater dress and opaque tights should be the official outfit. Flattering and cozy, it’s the perfect look to herald the arrival of cool weather.

Over the Knee Socks

If the thought of wearing tall socks takes you back to elementary school, think again. You can achieve a myriad of looks from flirty to sophisticated with a great pair of over-the-knee socks and the right apparel accompaniments.

Try them with shorts. Over the knee socks are often paired with skirts and dresses. For a”grown-up”twist, pair ribbed

over-the-knee socks with cuffed herringbone print shorts and a classic button down blouse. Cuffed shorts make the look clean and tailored while the herringbone print adds sophistication.

Go Mod. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, create a mod look with your over the knee socks. Pair them with a classic shift dress and Mary Janes for a look that’s au courant and office appropriate.


A little sparkle makes everything more festive. If you’re on the fence about donning metallic tights, stick with gray or black for a subtle silver shimmer.

Jazz up an LBD(little black dress). With the holiday season here, your LBD is probably your most worn wardrobe workhorse. Adding metallic tights and ankle booties is a quick way to change the look of your tried and true LBD and make it edgy for a night on the town.

Patterned Tights

Stripes, dots and checks take traditional tights to higher heights this fall and winter. When wearing patterned tights, your legs are the star of the show. Make your apparel the supporting cast by sticking to solids and neutrals. A great rule of thumb is to match your outfit to one of the statement colors in your patterned tights.

Try it with a mini. If you’ve been longing to wear a mini skirt but worry about showing too much skin, opaque patterned tights are your savior. Opaque patterned tights add extra coverage when wearing a mini, for a look that’s both sexy and classy. Make the look even more hot by pairing it with platform pumps for”look at me”gams.

You can make your summer favorites cool weather ready by adding one or two legwear trends into your wardrobe mix. Chic and trendy, tights and socks can completely alter the look of an outfit for just a few bucks.

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