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Taking a look at hanging plants

Most of the foliage plants we call”house plants”are actually natives of tropical forests and is the reason why they flourish in subdued light.

Creating a mobile mini balcony garden: If you want to create a small balcony or patio garden, but lack of space is a problem, hanging baskets can be an ideal solution to your dilemma. They are also perfect for beautifying or disguising small corners, recesses, empty walls or other unused space. The major advantage of hanging plants are mobility and adaptibility. They can be moved from one location to a nother as needs dictate and all sorts of different plants can be used.

Using creeping plants or hanging varieties:Trailing plants are ideal for hanging flower pots. The free space imitates their natural environment and they thrive in this setting. Fuschias can be grown quite successfully as hanging plants. They don’t tolerate drought and should not be placed in full sun. If you pick the right location, water them regularly and give them enough fertilizer, so that they bloom in abundance. Bulbous begonias make a beautiful plant, however, it should be grown in partial shade.

Materials usef for these plants: The most commonly used basket for hanging plants are made of strong wire, either black, galvanized or plastic. Line the basket with jute or dark plastic foil after punching several holes in the lining for drainage. The hangers or bore–holes agt the side of the basket should be strong and sturdy, as the filled containers tend to be heavy and need reliable support. Good-sized baskets look best for hanging plants, so you should choose one that is about 12 to 18 inches in diameter. It should be about six to eight inches deep to allow for suficient soil, and also ensure adequate water during the heat of the summer.

Potting soil for house plants: These plants need a basic mixture of equal parts of sand, garden soil and peat moss. Shoul you prefer not to make your own mixture, then you can purchase a suitable potting mixture from your local nursery. Whenever you re-pot, the mixture should be damp.

Combining plants: One particular attractive arrangement for hanging flower pots is to combine upright and hanging varieties of plants in larger containers. For example, you can plant hanging geraniums around the outside of the basket, and an upright variety in the center. Or, you could surround the plants in the center with creeping forget-me-nots, which grow quickly and cover the edges of the container.

Planting guide for December

Vegetables: Beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots lettuce(head and leaf), radish and spinach.

Flowers: Aster, baby’s breath, calendula, candyturf, carnation, cosmos, daisy, dianthus, gaillardia, hollyhock, larkspur, lupins, marigold, nasturtium, pansy, periwinkle, petunia, phlox, poppy, snapdragon, stocks, sweet peas and verbena.

Grasses: Bahia

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