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Call for probe into cop’s death


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A senior police officer has called for an independent investigation to be launched into the killing of Inspector Archibald Miller, 47, as he has”lost confidence”in Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade to ensure that a proper inquiry is conducted.

Assistant Superintendent Glenroy McKenzie, a 32-year veteran of the Royal Bahamas Police Force(RBPF), made the declaration in an interview atThe Nassau Guardian.

However, senior RBPF spokesman Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna rejected the assertion that the force is not conducting a proper investigations into Miller’s death

McKenzie, a relative of Miller, said he wants an independent investigator to be brought in from an international police organization such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)in the United States, or from Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom, in order to pursue all leads regarding the death.

McKenzie emphasized that he would want the independent investigator to examine if the death was a homicide.

Miller was shot to the upper body multiple times on December 2. After the incident, police said he was accidentally shot by another police officer during an operation in southwestern New Providence around 5 a.m. Miller died at Doctors Hospital on December 5.

McKenzie said he does not think the officer internally identified as the shooter was in any way involved with killing Miller.

McKenzie said Miller received more than one gunshot wound above the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

“If Miller was hit by friendly fire, the family would forgive and forget about the matter because we all know the risks involved in policing and Miller loved his job and he loved his colleagues,”he said.

McKenzie said he criticized the commissioner because, in his view, Greenslade is too concerned with public relations.

“He appears to be more concerned about his public image rather than confronting this matter and having it properly dealt with,”said McKenzie.”I actually feel sorry for him because the new amendments to the Police Act limit his term in office and prevent him from being as effective as he could be. It turns the commissioner into a politician and takes away his strength.”

Hanna, who responded on behalf of the commissioner after being contacted byThe Guardian, said the force is saddened by Miller’s death and its leadership has met with his family.

Miller is scheduled to be buried today.

“And there are things that the leadership of this force has committed to do in conjuction with this family but we will not speak to publicly. But we have every confidence going forward that this family is going to be okay and that our prayer is that they would be able to survive this very sad loss,”said Hanna.

“As far as the investigation is concerned, the investigation continues aggressively and there is nothing that we are aware of in the investigation that would change, or is likely to change, the initial stance taken by the police.”

Hanna emphasized that the force is able to properly conduct investigations involving the death of officers.

“It has been demonstrated over and repeatedly that the Royal Bahamas Police Force is able to police its own. But it is also to its credit that the force now has a civilian inspectorate, or a civilian oversight group, that is headed by a distinguished Bahamian,”he said of the body headed by attorney Elliot Lockhart.

“And the office is staffed by an office manager and the group is a very competent group that has the authority in law to call for any files in any investigation that the police are engaged in within the context of what we are discussing.”

According to McKenzie, police did not initially collect all of Miller’s clothing. He providedThe Guardianwith pictures of the clothing. The photos were of the rear of Miller’s clothing and they included a photo of the rear of his bulletproof vest, according to McKenzie.

He added that the front portion of Miller’s clothing and vest were taken by police who eventually collected the remaining clothing.

McKenzie also criticized the force for dismissing possible links between Miller’s death and another recent homicide.

Police do not publicly discuss the details of ongoing investigations. Hanna did not discuss specifics of the investigation. However, he said incidents such as Miller’s death end up before the Coroner’s Court.

“And so we are satisfied as a force that there are sufficient checks and balances in the system that would disallow for any misconduct on the part of any entity or any person in this organization,”said Hanna.

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