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Canadian elected president ofCommonwealthBoxing Council

My two-year term came to an end recently and Canadian Ed Pearson was elected to the presidency of the Commonwealth Boxing Council for the 2010-2012 period. The presence of another president from our region bodes quite well for boxing in the Caribbean and Canada.

We had one Caribbean champion in recent years(Jermaine Mackey). Hopefully others from the Caribbean and Canada will get opportunities to break into the European monopoly on the titles. Pearson, who heads also the female division of the World Boxing Council, is an advocate of zonal titles and regular interaction by way of competition, seminars, and regional meetings to propel boxing in our area.

He will have my full support in this regard. Earlier this year, I was able to get the interaction link started. My Montreal colleagues hosted a group from the Bahamas Boxing Commission. Pearson plans more of this kind of activities. His election could mean other meaningful inroads for Commonwealth boxing.

Canada, Montreal in particular, has become one of the strongest environments for boxing activities in the world. The vibrancy of the sport in Canada enables that country to compare very favorably these days with the United States. If Pearson gets his way, the zonal titles will expand the Commonwealth horizon in these parts and position our top boxers for higher world profiles.

The process will not be an easy one. It will be necessary for the boxing boards, commissions and councils of Canada and the Caribbean to come together in a series of meetings to craft a formula that works. Pearson needs to begin the journey toward this very significant objective one small step at a time. If he gets the vast majority of the major boxing leaders in the region on board he will be on the way to ensuring a vital boxing plank during his tenure.

If structured properly, with the endorsement of the CBC and WBC, zonal titles can attain the status of respectability. Accordingly, a zonal title, which has the blessing of the WBC would enable the champion an easier climb up the world ratings.

However, it must be emphasized that creating a new boxing championship zone will be an incredibly tall order. In our area, already, there are the WBC and World Boxing Association Caribbean Championships; and the North American Boxing Association titles.

The CBC zonal titles would have to fight for survival. Nevertheless, that’s a road, Pearson wants to travel. I will make the journey with him. With the election to the CBC presidency, Pearson made history. Despite the storied boxing past of Canada and its lofty standing within the Commonwealth, Pearson is the first Canadian to gain the post.

As for The Bahamas, there have been two. Before me, the boxing historian Wilfred Coakley presided over the CBC for a term. Presently, some 51 countries within the Commonwealth of Nations are members of the CBC. Pearson was opposed by Dr. Peter Ngtane of South Africa and ended up with two more votes.

Best wishes to Ed.

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