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Crahs update (DONT USE)


Guardian Staff Reporter

The US-based company, Monarch, which owns the ill-fated cargo plane that crashed almost ten miles off New Providence Tuesday afternoon has a past fraught with accidents both locally and in the US, the Florida daily, the Sun Sentinel, revealed on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force called off the search for the second victim of the crash yesterday, as no more of the white and royal blue, twin-engine Beach’s wreckage could be found, the Nassau Guardian understands.

According to the Sun Sentinel’s article, the company’s had been lucky in the past two crashes before yesterdays’, when the body of a white male was pulled from amongst the wreckage of the cargo plane.

The flight manifest filed with airline authorities revealed that the names of the victims of the crash were Vince Cogsingli and Mark Davies.

Monarch, however, was no stranger to accidents the Sun Sentinel reported.

According to the daily, in 1997 one of the company’s cargo planes skidded off of a runway in Grand Bahama at Freeport International Airport and hit a tree.

The article cited the Nassau daily, the Bahama journal, as revealing that the plane was a 54-year-old Beech that was caught in a crosswind, spun out of control and skidded off the runway.

Authorities said the pilot, Paul Slavin, who is also the company’s principal, and a passenger escaped injury, the article added.

In that same year the right engine of the company’s 1964 Beech Beech H-18 cargo plane lost power in its right engine as it took off from Fort Lauderdale International Airport , the article said.

The plane subsequently clipped a government building, came down on rail road tracks and came to rest on the shoulder of Interstate 95’s southbound lanes, north of commercial boulevard, the article continued. The pilot was the only person on board and was seriously injured in the crash, according to the article.

Tuesday’s flight seemed to be the culmination of monarch’s near misses, with one of the flight’s crew reported dead and the other presumed dead.

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