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Tied to the stakes

The secret to a productive life can be sought and found. It depends on your mental process in relieving yourself from the stakes of life.

Negative thinkers can destroy themselves because of fear, doubt and the artificial barriers that they mentally build around them. The power of your thoughts can determine your effectiveness, possibilities and the ability to surmount difficult situations by the way that you perceive them. Quite often, problems or major concerns can present themselves to be insurmountable depending on the way issues are perceived. Negative thoughts can be strengthened by the power of the mind. Many persons have tied themselves to the stakes of indecision, procrastination and the inability to accept challenges as an ingredient to growth. It is only as you create an atmosphere of positive attitude, relentless courage and the will to overcome the roadblocks that seek to hinder your progress to be a winner. Be determined to be the stalwart that you want to be, irrespective of the circumstances that challenge your dreams.

You must learn to think big and see far, and be constrained to your determination by seeing the end in your mind. The broad picture of your expectations, the strengthening of your mental powers can be enhanced by positive self-talk and other instruments that can harmonize to produce your excellence. The quality and destiny of your life are determined by what you think and the activities in which you engage yourself.

“Our thoughts determine our destiny. Our destiny determines our legacy. You are today, where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”–James Allen.

It is necessary that you understand the need and value of positive thinking, for no one is bigger than his thoughts. Many things are common to people everywhere as attention is given to their physiology, environmental structures and needs; but the mind process in diverse situations that calls for survival, is truly the measure of the man.

Freedom is largely the liberation that individuals give themselves. True freedom is the state of your mind as you accept or reject the forces and amiable experiences of life. If you feel that you are bound to the stakes of life, you are without hesitation, bound. Someone noticed that an elephant can be tied to a weak stake with very light and thin ropes, yet, he would never try to get away. The reason for this is, when he was very young, he was tied to big, strong stakes with very heavy ropes. For months he would fight and try to get away, but he could not. Now that he is big, he does not realize that he can use his strength to break almost any rope and be free. The elephant has been conditioned to barriers which have enslaved his thinking and movements.

You are not an elephant, neither are you tied to literal stakes. However, you might be tied to the stressors of life or negative and unproductive people that inhibit your mental rest and peace. You can liberate yourself by taking some logical action steps. First, acknowledge that you are tied and that you want to be liberated. Relate to all aspects of your situation, and align good decisions as you enact your change for freedom. Think realistically and get the opinions of family members, supervisors, friends and colleagues that you trust. Seek opportunities to release yourself from the stakes that hinder your progress.

Exercise patience by planting, watering and waiting for the fulfillment of your desires. To be released from your stakes means actively and consistently doing things that are nurturing to your faith, virtue and stamina until you realize the ultimate of your potentials. Excellence is a marathon that requires energy, determination, and the ability to filter distractions as you target the finishing line. Robert Lloyd refers to a Broadway show that was entitled”Stop The World, I Want To Get Off.”The world is not stopping and you should not try to get off. Just try to climb above those who are going down. Untie the ropes that you have wrapped around yourself through the invasion of your weakness, or the destructive forces from the enemies that guard your progress.

If you merely wish to be successful, you won’t be, but if you strive unflinchingly and strive for success through hard work and overcome the struggles, you will succeed. There is a quotation that reads: ”If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”To merely wish, anticipate or glorify the idea, will not enhance productivity. Ride on the transportation of resilience and positive communication of your ideals. Remember, everyone has the ability to survive. You are designed to achieve high goals. Ensure that you accomplish what you are designed and capable of doing. You must untie your ropes of negativity through the power of your thinking.

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