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A queenly award for God’s workers

In the Bible the Lord often says to his faithful followers not to be preoccupied with the thoughts and praises of men because their works will be seen and greatly rewarded by Him. For a few faithful ministers of the Word recognition for their good works came without their own prompting or”horn-blowing.”

Roman Catholic priest Monsignor Preston Moss, was awarded the Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and Saint George(CMG), Bishop Wenith Davis of Zion Baptist Church South Beach, Reverend Kenris Carey of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church and Reverend Vernon Moses, former superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, received Officers of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire award(OBE). Reverend John Wallace received the British Empire Medal in the Civil Division(BEM).

The five religious leaders were among 24 persons awarded for their good works during the annual Queen’s Birthday Award Celebrations held on Monday, December 13 at Government House. They were recognized for being instrumental in the continual development and betterment of this country in the religious arena over a long period of time.

Reverend Moses, 77, said he was shocked to learn that he would be honored as he had been so preoccupied with building the church that he never saw how much of an impact he was really having. He said seven years into his retirement he is still seen a pillar in the Assemblies of God Church and called upon to assist when needed. He further said that he actually could not envision a day where his work in the country’s religious arena would be recognized so honorably.

“When I heard that I was being awarded it came as a shock for quite a while but then when I actually received it I was elated . . . just elated. I did not expect it and I did not think I would ever be honored in such a way for just doing the Lord’s work. It was a great feeling. My wife Lorna Moses was very happy for me as was my son Timothy. Even my daughter Mary Mendez flew in from the U.S. especially to see me be awarded. They were all very happy and supportive. I feel that this is all a blessing from God.”

Moses said his life’s journey to this point while not outstanding or remarkable in his opinion is something he is proud of and thanks the Lord for.

The honoree gave his life to Christ when he was 15 years old and quickly found his niche in the church. By age 18 he was preaching and finding solace in doing work for the Lord. For years he made waves in the religious community, he says by humbly doing his part to share God’s word and the message of his good works. He says he was most instrumental in doing this when he became superintendent of the Assemblies of God churches in The Bahamas and the Turks&Caicos Islands. During his 24-year-tenure Moses was able to establish four new churches in New Providence, four in Grand Bahama, one in Abaco and another in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. He also served as director of the Assemblies of God Bible College for 30 years where he often taught as well.

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