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After the storm–calm

Living in The Bahamas is indeed a most beautiful experience with sunshine all year round just about guaranteed. We really are blessed to be living in such an earthly paradise, and should never forget to give The Creator thanks daily for initially creating, and then maintaining such a Heaven on Earth. However, as we all know, wherever there are pluses, there are usually the inevitable minuses too, and The Bahamas is no exception to the rule.

We are located in, what the Meteorologists refer to as’The Hurricane Belt’. Each year therefore from the beginning of June to the end of November, which is the official’Hurricane Season’, we daily keep our attention focused on maps of The Atlantic Ocean and The Caribbean Sea, whilst listening daily to all of the weather reports for the formation of Tropical Depressions which can develop into Tropical Storms, and eventually become fully fledged hurricanes.

At the time of writing this particular article we recently experienced a Tropical Storm in The Bahamas, which dumped a whole lot of rain on the islands actually causing some flooding to occur. The winds were gusting to 40 to 45 miles per hour; but thank God it did not develop any further, thus it did not become a hurricane. As I am writing this, it is a couple of days after the passing of the Tropical Storm which was named’Nicole’, and it is as calm a day as one could experience. The sun is shining in the bright blue, near cloudless sky, and it is totally calm with no breeze whatsoever. Yes My Friend, we all need to fully realize, that ALWAYS, after the storm comes calm….yes indeed it does, actually it’s inevitab1e.

But My Friend, this concept relates to our life and affairs too. In other words, we all go through’Stormy Periods’in our life when we are daily buffeted with many pressing problems, and perhaps saturated with depressing thoughts as our mind is literally flooded with negativity about our problems. But, we need to always bear in mind, that these temporary Stormy Conditions in our life will indeed subside, and give way to a most calm period.

There is a line which is repeated many, many times in The Bible which is very relevant to our most important theme for today, and that line is”And this too shall pass”. For anyone who is going through a most difficult period in his or her life, it’s most important for you not to forget this Biblical TRUTH, for you will indeed emerge from your storm very soon, and thus enter a period of serene calm in your life.

How do you know that D. Paul, many may understandably say?Because I have experienced it many, many times in my life. So, I know for sure, that provided you don’t quit, don’t give up, the storm in your life will indeed pass, and a period of calm will reemerge….it’s inevitable, it’s the way the Universe works…..believe me!



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