Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Local pharmacy expanding inventory

A local pharmacy is rebranding and it has diversified its product offering in an effort to broaden appeal to consumers.

“The layout is more appealing, the shelves are full and the staff is there waiting to assist,”said QVS Pharmacy General Manager Christine Albury yesterday.

“We have been trying to move forward with customer request for products, we’ve redone the interior making it more shopper friendly.”

QVS has two locations Seagrape Shopping Center and Village Road Shopping Center and it is celebrating its third year in operation.

Known for being a pharmacy, QVS has expanded its product offering to include a larger variety of household products, grocery, cosmetics and toys.

Both QVS stores are located near large residential communities making the company an attractive option for shoppers in those areas seeking to avoid traffic congestion in New Providence.

“You can shop with us at ease because of our close proximity to neighborhoods,”said Albury.

QVS held a customer appreciation event on November 18 to commemorate its third year in operation. Customers received a storewide discount and giveaways.

“Without their support we wouldn’t be where we are today,”said Albury on the reasoning behind the event.

Though the company has diversified its inventory, Albury said emphasis is still placed on QVS’pharmacy business. A primary focus of the pharmacy, she added, is to offer quality service by”friendly”pharmacists.

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