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The Bahamas mentioned in Wikileaks document

The Bahamas has received a passing mention in a United States government cable leaked by Wikileaks, displaying frustration by Cuba with Jamaica’s efforts to combat drug trafficking in the region.

The cable, dated August 11, 2009, was titled government of Cuba frustration increases over lack of Jamaican counternarcotics co-operation.

According to the cable, the U.S. Coast Guard Drug Interdiction Specialist(DIS)assigned to the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba spoke with Cuban Ministry of Interior officials on multiple occasions as recently as 4 August, 2009 regarding their perception of the unwillingness of the government of Jamaica to attempt to curtail the flow of illicit narcotics to The Bahamas and the United States.

Cuban officials said that narcotics smugglers from Jamaica are using both Cuban airspace and waters to transport narcotics destined for the United States, but their repeated attempts to engage Jamaica on the issue have been ignored, according to the cable.

Though The Bahamas was mentioned in the cable, it was not the focus of the document.

There was a second mention of The Bahamas in the cable.

“On 4 August, 2009, DIS wrapped up a two-day trip to Camaguey, Cuba where he received a briefing on the 5 July emergency landing of an aircraft, en route from Jamaica, that dropped 13 bales of marijuana over a barren field in Cuba located southwest of Playa Santa Lucia in Camaguey Province,”said the cable.

“According to Cuban officials, the aircraft was destined for a pre-determined location over Bahamian waters where the narcotics would be dropped to two waiting go-fast vessels for eventual shipment to the United States. The crew of three discarded the contraband prematurely when they experienced engine problems.”

No cables specifically on The Bahamas have been released thus far. Wikileaks said there are 394 cables in its possession on The Bahamas.

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