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Have a very soca Christmas

In certain parts of the world, Christmas just isn’t Christmas if there isn’t snow on the ground. In The Bahamas, for many Bahamians, the season just isn’t the same without a performance by Byron Lee&The Dragonaires who made a concert in The Bahamas a special stop on their calendar for years. After Lee took ill and died in November 2008 after a long battle with cancer meant that many Bahamians missed out on their favorite Christmas treat–after the ham and turkey of course.

Well fans of those good ole’days can get the opportunity to relive them over a two-night period as the band’s former lead singer Oscar B backed by The Extra Band presents”A Soca Christmas–A Tribute to Byron Lee”at Da Dilly Tree, the place where the grown folks party, tonight and Saturday night.

At the event that is being dubbed Oscar B’s Birthday Bash, the Tobago native, who spent 18 years as lead vocalist with the Dragonaires will have you”Whining”and gettin’down low as he performs classic Dragonaire hits like”Plummer,””Kitty Cat,””Ouch”and”Follow The Leader.”

Da Dilly Tree co-owner Dillon McKenzie says fans of the Byron Lee&The Dragonaires shows say the weekend show that will pay tribute to Byron Lee will be a true reliving of the Byron Lee Christmas Days that most grown folk remember. He says Oscar B will not disappoint as he still aims to carry on the Dragonaire quality shows when he performs.

“I remember that every year with every performance there was a packed house whether it was his

performance in Freeport in the Camelot Room or in Nassau at the hotel where the Sheraton now is on the Cable Beach strip,” said McKenzie.”It was an amazing time. The entertainment was non-stop. The band would go on and they did not stop for hours on end. It was like fire and electricity. Performances now-a-days with new soca performers are nothing like they used to be in the age of Byron Lee.”

McKenzie says they are aiming to recreate that feel good feeling.

“We expect Oscar B to put on a really amazing show too. You can expect that there will be lots of action, crowd participation and endless energy. So you will want to come out both nights so you don’t miss a beat.”

Byron Lee& The Dragonaires fan of 20-plus years, Renee Davies, is one of those persons who never missed one of the group’s Christmas concerts in years past, and is looking forward to reliving those days during the Oscar B tribute.

“I always found Byron Lee’s concerts to be enjoyable. I can’t tell you the first time I went but I know that after the first one I made it a tradition to go every year. I think I might have been about 19 or 20[years old]when I saw the Dragonaires perform for the first time and I remember dancing the night away. Their music is timeless and always puts you in the right mood. It was just amazing every year. There is nothing like a night with Byron Lee’s music,” she said.

According to Davis, it’s the kind of music that you want to get down to. She doesn’t advise persons going to the concert to dress to impress.”When you go to concerts like this you can’t expect to be dressed to impress. You better go ready to dance and just enjoy the show.”

Stileet, the rising Bahamian contemporary rake’n’scrape star, who is known for putting on an action-packed show will add to the excitement of the evening, performing favorites like”Girl Textin’Me Hi,””Woman Put the Suitcase Down,””Sweetheart”and”Oh Ana”. Although Stileet has only been on the radar for about three years, he is already considered one of the top young performers in the local music industry and promises to add excitement to the show that will be a highlight of your Christmas season.

McKenzie anticipates persons from a wide spectrum of ages coming out to enjoy the event and relive the good old days.

Oscar B’s Birthday Bash, which is a tribute to Byron Lee will see gates opening at 9 p.m. with a$35 charge for the main lounge,$55 for the VIP lounge and$75 for platinum ticket.

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