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Stores report strong sales of car seats for kids

Stores in New Providence are out of booster seats, the clerk of a baby supply store toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday, adding that people with toddlers are seeking to comply with seatbelt regulations and avoid being pulled over and ticketed by police for not having the child protection device.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the clerk said her department store sold out of booster seats, which are used for toddlers up to age five, faster than baby car seats. However, she added the store is awaiting a new shipment.

“People are calling to see if we have any(booster seats)available,”she said.”And we barely have any more car seats.”

Senior buyer at Kelly’s Home Center, Susan Glinton, said the shelves at her store that once held car seats are bare.

Fortunately, according to her, the store’s buyer for the baby section was proactive following the government’s enactment of the seatbelt law which, in addition to ensuring individuals are buckled up, requires children to be placed in car seats and booster seats.

Glinton said in jest that car seats may turn out to be the store’s best selling item for the year.

“We placed an emergency order to get some very quickly,”she said.”A few were on the dock and the ones we had sold out really quickly.”

According to her, most people waited until last weekend to purchase the devices, before the law came into force on Monday.

Glinton said the sale of car seats did not have a direct impact on overall store sales because the store did not have many in stock when government announced the enforcement of the law.

“There was no huge impact because we didn’t have hundreds and hundreds in stock,”she said.

Government this month resurrected the seat belt law, which was originally brought to the fore in 2002, after sitting on an amended version for three years. Their announcement of the enforcement gave the public only one week to prepare to comply.

This meant individuals with babies and children had to scramble to purchase car and booster seats. Drivers with toddlers and babies outside of car and booster seats face fines up to$500.

“A lot of people come in talking about the seat belt law, so they can avoid that fine,”said Just Babies Supervisor Kenvia Roberts.

Store sales seem to infer that many individuals have been driving without the child safety devices in their vehicles.

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