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Water leak impacts two PMH wards

The Princess Margaret Hospital’s Corey Newbold Ward and the Female Surgical Ward, one floor below, were flooded by a broken bathroom fixture yesterday morning, according to the hospital’s public relations manager Thelma Rolle.

According to Rolle, at about six in the morning a patient on the Corey Newbold Ward was in the bathroom when a plumbing fixture ruptured.

She said the water leaked through the floor into the female surgical ward directly below, causing minor flooding.

The Nassau Guardianlearned that at least three patients were drenched by the leaking water and had to be relocated.

According to Rolle, hospital maintenance crews responded quickly and promptly repaired the ruptured pipe.

Meanwhile, she added, housekeeping staff and nurses attended to the patients and quickly dried the flooded floors.

“It drained down into female surgical,”she said.”The nursing staff dealt very well with those patients.”

Rolle said late last evening that both the wards were back to normal and added that the hospital apologized for any inconvenience caused to patients on both of the wards.

The hospital’s infrastructure is old and government has mulled over the construction of a new public hospital facility for some time.

It was thought that the government was prepared to begin construction on a new facility imminently. However, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham in a recent article said recently that a new medical facility will be built when there is money in the Public Treasury for it.

And while government is expected to receive millions from the sale of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company, the money is said to be earmarked to lower the national debt.

However, Ingraham has contended that his administration is committed to the construction of a new Princess Margaret Hospital complex.

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