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Are you ready to listen?

The deep dark mahogany columns and marble coffee tables with Tiffany blue chairs and red chenille couches draw you in. The scene is then set with the backdrop of trees swaying outside in the gardens as the wind blows through–seen, but not heard–creating the cozy, intimate vibe that everyone expects–that jazzy, bluesy, warm atmosphere that is conducive to a poetry night that most people know as speakeasy. It’s this atmosphere that sets the tone for”Listen”at 1 Coffee Bar at the British Colonial Hilton.

It’s at 1 Coffee Bar where you can listen to talented poets touching on topics such as politics, relationships, strength, lifestyles and other topics in a creative, lively and soulful atmosphere. This captivating show which also features live art being painted during the nigh, songs from the heart and comedy to make you laugh all night long is going into its fourth week on Thursday, December 23.

“‘Listen’is for those artsy kinds of people who like to listen to other people express themselves,”says Latoya Hanna Moxey, marketing and leisure sales manager at the Hilton.”It’s definitely a venue where poets–whether veterans or novices come together and talk about topics like politics, relationships, lifestyles and so much more in a soulful atmosphere,” she said.”It’s a captivating show. On some of our nights, we’re going to have live art being painted and every week we’re getting into the groove of having a featured artist or poet. We’re going to throw into the mix a bit of singing, not too much, so that we can focus more on poetry.”

At”Listen”events, Hanna-Moxey says it’s one of the places in town where you can get a diverse group of people, young and old alike in the same spot to express themselves in a way that everyone can relate to. They also do an open mic segment with a line-up of three to five persons on a given night, and open the floor to persons who have written material that they want to share.

The doors to the”Listen”even opens at 7:30 p.m. with the show running until 10 p.m. At their last installment, she said the evening went over as a relationship topic came up and people wanted to discuss the norms and taboos on the island in the intimate circle that was present.

With the delicious coffee bar drinks and flowing hors d’oeuvres, a deejay spinning R&B, soul and neo-soul music the evening is all about relaxing on a Thursday night for a more mature crowd.

“People are just drawn to it because it’s at the Hilton, it’s a closed-in atmosphere, it’s more intimate, cozy and something different to do,” said Hanna-Moxey.”People these days have a lot to say and we have a lot of talented poets and writers on this little island, and the way that they eloquently express themselves is a breath of fresh air, especially when they talk about politics, relationships and lifestyles in general. We’re amazed by some of the things that they say and the way that they put it expressing themselves. Me, myself am one of the poets that participate on the night and it’s good after a long hard day to just put pen to paper and write what’s on your mind and just share it with everybody that’s in the room.”

After she has shared, Hanna-Moxey likes curling up on one of their red couches with a coffee with Bailey’s, topped with whipped cream, which was her drink of the evening during the cool evenings that the country has experienced recently.”It’s so soothing with the weather right now, so cozying up on the big red couch with my girlfriends, and we’re laughing and having a good time, with our cups of lattes and drinks with Baileys is very comforting,” she said.

Heading into its fourth week, Hanna-Moxey says they expect no more than 50 persons at 1 Coffee Bar during”Listen”nights as they want to keep the soulful atmosphere intact, and retain the intimate, cozy, quaint setting that is”Listen.”

“Besides the people, the decor is really what makes the evening for sure. We have a stage with the gardens as the backdrop, and with the wind blowing and the trees swaying outside, that is already creating a vibe. Then inside we have our deep, dark mahogany columns and marble coffee tables with Tiffany blue leather chairs and our red chenille couches–it just creates a jazzy, bluesy, warm atmosphere. And The music isn’t overpowering. It’s very informal, and it gives you the atmosphere of having friends over hanging out which is what we want it to be,” she said.

If you want to put yourself on the line-up for any given night of”Listen,”persons can email Hanna-Moxey at [email protected] and request to be a part of the line up.

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