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Guardian Business Car Review 2010 Dodge Caliber

Sporting a sleek design without losing much power and maneuvering, the Dodge Caliber is an ideal car to navigate the streets of Nassau.

At first glance, it’s difficult to categorize what type of vehicle it is, as the Caliber appears to be a baby SUV mixed with a hatchback. But it’s compact and modern design gives the car a different look than the Honda Accord’s and Nissan Maxima’s that are a dime-a-dozen in Nassau.

Another reason why this car would be a good fit for the average Bahamian driver is how efficient the Caliber is on fuel, with an impressive 23 miles per gallon in the city limits and 31 miles per gallon on the highway. Although Nassau currently doesn’t have many highways, future road improvement projects that intend to make transportation smoother makes the Caliber a great complement to motorists going forward.

There are two available engine sizes available for the vehicle, with a 2.0-liter engine which is the less powerful of the two, and a 2.4 liter engine that most drivers prefer because of the greater horsepower capacity that comes with it.

Bahamas Bus and Truck on Montrose Avenue is one of the dealerships that carry the Caliber, and a sales representative of the company said the retail price on the 2008 model is$20,000. The base price for a 2010 Caliber in the U.S. is$17,630 according to University Dodge in Davie Florida, but given that the 2.0 liter engine falls into the 75 percent duty bracket, it could run you up to$30,852 after clearing customs.

It’s unlikely that the Caliber will drive the Nissan’s and Honda’s into extinction, but drivers going for a different look but still like a little bit of speed and power will find their match with this vehicle.

Guardian Businessis giving the Dodge Caliber two thumbs up.

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