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You gatta be jokin’

I have to admit that I didn’t really know what to expect from the recent “Gatta Be Jokin”comedy show featuring Buckwild, Bill Bellamy and Mike Epps, the third installment of the TLG Productions and I am Influence . . . comedy series, seeing as I hadn’t seen the first two, but I had high hopes that it would be as good as I’d heard the previous two were with Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey.

Attending the event with a couple of friends, the first thing I was met with, and which did not sit well with me was the line to get in. It was ridiculously long even for people with tickets. To make matters worse, the show itself started almost an hour late, but once we got over those first two”hiccups”and things finally got underway, all was forgiven and I sat back to enjoy what I expected to be a fabulous evening.

The show kicked off around 10 p.m. with Bahamian hip-hop and R&B performers, Big AC and Sosaman, taking the stage. Although they both did a good job showing what the Bahamian version of these genres was all about I was a bit impatient for the comedy to begin, because I was there to see Mike Epps, Bill Bellamy and Buckwild.

When Buckwild hit the stage, the crowd, including me, then truly got into the evening, as he riled everyone up with his unique humor and unpredictability.

When Bill Bellamy took the mic, the night was set. The show exploded. I believe that he was the highlight of the evening. His stage presence was unforgettable and his jokes were diverse and the humor really relatable. He started with the usual crude sexual topics which really aren’t my”cup of tea,”but when he delved into the humorous truth about music artists, to the light side of everyday news and the dating world–specifically the older woman scouting for the younger man, I was in stitches. Bellamy was genius and did not drop the ball all night. I was amazed at how some topics I felt shouldn’t have been funny he made amusing with the way he presented the issue. Bellamy had the audience in stitches throughout his entire 30-minute performance. As he left the stage it was clear an encore was needed, although it never came.

Between Bellamy’s performance and the Mike Epps’performance, Buckwild returned to the stage to give away a$500 door prize, and in his unpredictable style, giving away money did not go without his brand of off-the-wall humor, as he stripped down to his underwear which had the ladies in a tizzy and left the men a bit perplexed. As I said it was an interesting evening to say the least.

With two great performances down, the crowd, myself included, having been primed by Bellamy and Buckwild, was waiting for Epps, to hit center stage and turn the show out. I was sadly disappointed. What more can I say?Maybe his kind of humor just wasn’t my flavor, but even so I expected a bit more from him.

Having seen this major comedy star in break-out movies likes the”Friday”series,”Roll Bounce”and”Lottery Ticket”gives you high hopes that he would deliver a really good show, that will have you rolling in the aisles in stitches, but it was far from the truth. Epps just recycled jokes from the other comedians and poked fun at people in the crowd. This was funny at first, but after doing the same thing for the tenth time the routine got really old really quickly.

What may have redeemed Epps’performance was that he did get a few situation jokes in although he never really developed or completed them. He also showed the people a lot of love and really seemed to appreciate Bahamian culture which pacified many people who I could see were a lot more agitated about his performance than I was. Even so, the murmuring rather than laughter I heard around me told me that I was not the only one who thought Epps could have done a better job.

Overall, the night was enjoyable and the jokes unforgettable. I left the event feeling far lighter and calmer than I had been when I walked in. I guess the old saying is true–laughter really is good for the soul.

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