Monday, Nov 18, 2019

A good year

The students of the National Art and Craft After-School Enrichment program exhibited during their annual exhibition on December 10 at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Both current and former students of the program, as well as other art students, exhibited a vibrant body of paintings on the upstairs verandah of the gallery throughout the course of a delightful evening.

Minister of Education Desmond Bannister and NAGB board chairwoman Dr. Gail Saunders addressed the students, families and friends present for the event.

Education officials Elma Garraway, Permanent Secretary; Lionel Sands, Director and Patricia Collins, Deputy Director were also present.

The students were commended for their outstanding work.

The show, which featured the works of 32 students, included a collaborative tribute painting to founding instructor, Max Taylor. Program administrator Genevieve Brown-Richards, instructor Timothy Nottage and assistant instructor Charlthorn Strachan shared the proud moment with their students.

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