Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Technological Standpoint

“They have agreed to a 3%management fee to Cable and Wireless, even though they’re going to have the majority shares, even though they woulld have management control, they also sign an agreeemnt, I understant the MOU have where they will get a management fee of 3%of gross revenue. Not Net. estimated 10-12 million annually.

“They’re double dipping as far as I’m concerned.”

If you listen to he words of david shaw, he say oh we ga use local mgmnt to the best … so if you using local managment, what the hell we paying you managment fee for?

said that while people waiting for rates to go down, the rates are under gov’t control.”BTC don’t contorl its rates.”

“The government could right now with the stroke of a pen could right and say …reduce all batelco service by 50%

‘Obviously if we could amass that amount of profit and have it in the bank, then obviously we don’t need to be charging what we’re charging. but that money is being charged so the govt could come and skim off what they need.

Said BTC has spent over 1/2 billion in upgrading the network over the last 10 years, ever since they started preparing for liberalization.

“All Cable& Wireless have to do here now is come in here with their cash register … we may be a module away from implementing 3G.

Universal service–if you can get it in Nassau you can get it every. Eg Cable Bahamas was supposed to it for every”rock or cay”where they have more than 16 families. Says its hard for any private entity to spend 6-7 million for this infrastructure on a remote island

“We understand that,”but said that BTC, as an arm/extention of the Government,”it our duty and responsiblity to provide for 2 people on Long Cay, if we have to do it, that they have the same privalege that Nassau people have.”

Says C&W has 3G but its only in some parts of Jamaica, and its not widespread over the other 13 territorie

after liberalization of competition


“Prior to Digicell coming to Jamaica, C&W had over 2 million mobile customers. today, their customer base has been eroded. Digicil has over 2.3 million, C&W just over 700,000.

Why?”Because of their service, and poor relations and how they treat customers and labor unions in that region.”

so if Cable&Wireless is second to digicil, when they come here they’re not going to be first. When digicell comes, there going to be second again.

according to Evans for the last six years the BTC board was stopping new technology,”We were told to hold off …

“all these new technologies, 3g, 4g, whatever, all of them were on teh drawing board to bring, they keep on putting us back, oh let the new man do it … for the last 6=7 years BTC was stagnant”said moneys were already set aside for

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