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Bar Council to hear objections to DPP’s admission today

The Bahamas Bar Council will today hear objections to Director of Public Prosecutions Vinette Graham-Allen’s admission to the Bahamas Bar Association.

The Nassau Guardianunderstands that Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell, Wallace Rolle, Wayne Munroe, the Bar Association’s immediate past president, and Elsworth Johnson are among those who oppose the Jamaican attorney being called to the Bar.

Graham-Allen cannot prosecute in the Bahamian courts until she is called to the Bar.

Graham-Allen’s appointment as director of public prosecutions is presently the subject of a court action. Cheryl Grant-Bethell, the deputy director of public prosecutions who performed the duties as director, has filed an application for a judicial review after being passed over for the head post.

In a written objection, Mitchell said,”I believe her call is to facilitate the government’s decision to deny a qualified Bahamian the appointment as the director of public prosecutions. That decision in my view is contrary to the public interest. The Bar Council is bound in those circumstances to refuse the application. There is instant litigation pursuant to this matter in the courts which reinforces the point made above.

“Further, the reports about her conduct in her previous jobs does not support the view that there are particular and special skills which would make for an exception to the policy that Bahamians get first call on posts in the public service and in their country generally. The Bar Council ought to take that into consideration in deciding whether this is in the public interest.”

The Bar Council had previously returned Graham Allen’s application for admission for failing to meet its requirements.

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