Thursday, May 28, 2020
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By Philip Galanis

Managing Partner of HLB Galanis&Co. Philip Galanis shared withGuardian Businesshis perspective on what lessons should be taken from the past decade.

“The first decade of the new millennium has clearly demonstrated just how extremely fragile we are as a nation and individually, and how events that occur beyond our borders can have a significantly negative impact on our daily lives here in The Bahamas. Whether it is terrorism or financial mismanagement by persons unknown to us, we have to individually and as a nation prepare to successfully anticipate and meet unexpected or unpredictable challenges that will surely confront us in the future.

“As a nation we have to better plan for national development and agree upon certain finite, attainable, measurable, concrete goals. As individuals we have to conserve more in order to cushion ourselves from the vicissitudes of life that are surely to confront us. Individually, we must implement a realistic, achievable, and practical savings plan for future adversities.”

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