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Jah Doctrine where the word meets the song

Self-named for”music inspired by the Word,”artist Jah Doctrine further elaborates on the meaning of his stage name,”the Word refers to the will of the Most High; it is inclusive of all spiritual truths and laws that govern the universe,”he said.

His music a fusion of different genres, the artist believes that his message will appeal to people of varying backgrounds. Jah Doctrine’s musical lyrics reflect his own personal journey from the discovery of his adoption, his passion for African history and his maturity into a more seasoned artist.

From his album”Echoes of History”comes a line-up of songs, written over the past three years, representing a melange of musical styles-dancehall, reggae and hip hop-and lyrics which are provocative, rhythmic and intelligent. With a degree in Philosophy, Jah Doctrine’s album title reflects his deep belief that we know so little about our roots, and that what we do know can be compared to an echo. To address this gap in our knowledge, he urges educational systems to put more emphasis on African history in their curriculums.

Joining up with producer, singer and songwriter Apollo Kre-ed and songwriter and singer Ellie for his latest release”Missing Lady”, the collaborative effort creates something which is melodic and thought-provoking a modern-day love song urging the singer’s lady to stay true to him and to disregard negative outside influences.

What makes”Missing Lady”so authentic for Bahamian audiences is the fusion of regional and international musical styles with the distinctive twang of Bahamian vowel sounds which validates our own story as well as connecting it with the stories of other peoples around the world. From the listener’s point of view it may well be that he or she connects with the modern sentiment expressed in the chorus of”Missing Lady”:

Girl your love is so amazing

Only you right now can save me

Tell me why would she go

When my love for her was strong

We’ve been loving for so long

Please girl come back home, home, home, home.

However, from Jah Doctrine’s point of view it goes further to reconnecting us with our ancestors and their experiences. As they say, there’s nothing new under the sun. Enjoy the music. Know your past and plan your future. Peace.

The”Echoes of History”official release concert, a Dat Giddy Records and SDC Marketing collaboration, was held on October 23, 2010. The album is now available at The Juke Box, The Hit Spot and Alpha Sounds Texaco, Thompson Blvd. For Mp3 downloads and international orders visit

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