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Man charged with two murders and three attempted murders

A man was arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court yesterday accused of murdering two men and attempting to murder three other people.

Amal Alexis Hunter, 23, of Williams Lane, is accused of murderingAndrew Rolle and Theodore Berry Jr.

Rolle, 27, was shot and killed around 7:30 p.m. on November 11 outside Bertha’s Go Go Ribs, Coconut Grove.

Police said Rolle was sitting in his car with his girlfriend when a gunman opened fire, hitting him several times. His girlfriend was unharmed.

Berry, also known as”Big Teeth”, was killed around 7 p.m. on November 27 at Wood’s Alley, off Market Street.

Police reported that Berry and Fred Ramsey were in front of a residence when a burgundy four-door Nissan vehicle pulled up.

It is reported that a man armed with a handgun exited the car and shot both men.

Berry, 22, was pronounced dead at the scene. Ramsey was taken to hospital for treatment.

Hunter, who was also charged with the attempted murder of Ramsey, was not required to plead to the charge. A preliminary inquiry will be held to determine if there is sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to the Supreme Court.

Hunter is also charged, along with Franklyn McMinns, 24, of Augusta Street, with the attempted murders of two others.

They are accused of attempting to kill Sandy Sands and Darnell Farrington on December 12

at Rupert Dean Lane. They were further accused of possession of firearm with intent to endanger the lives of Sands, Farrington and Thomas Forbes.

Both men were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison by Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez.

Hunter’s lawyer, Ian Cargill, claimed that he was”severely beaten”while in police custody and had to be taken to hospital.

Cargill claimed that his client was shocked and he has lost feeling in two of his fingers.

McMinns told Gomez that he was punched on the shoulder when he was arrested and is still in pain.

Gomez ordered that both accused men be examined by a doctor.

The men will next appear at Court 10 on January 25 at 10 a.m.

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