Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Sir Arthur visits Elizabeth Estates Clinic

Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes yesterday commended the staff at the Elizabeth Estates Clinic for the service they offer to Bahamians in need.

“It is commendable that you not only provide services at the clinic, but also to those persons unable to come in, such as senior citizens, the physically challenged, persons in correctional facilities and especially those at the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home,”said Sir Arthur during his Christmas visit to the clinic yesterday.

The clinic serves much of densely populated eastern New Providence and it has as its mission the provision of healthcare services to all residents.

“The construction of health clinics and other infrastructure development and investments will not in themselves improve healthcare results,”said Sir Arthur.

“Primary health care services yield better results when they are appropriate to the needs of the community, are effectively and efficiently managed, treat all people with dignity and respect and embrace community participation in planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.”

This year the government launched the National Prescription Drug Plan and it continued the public relations campaign educating Bahamians about chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Treatment of these illnesses consume large amounts of the national healthcare budget.

“It is through community participation in health care that individuals are empowered better to manage their own health,”said Sir Arthur.”It is through the active participation of public and private providers, government and non-governmental agencies and civil society that a primary health care system becomes stronger.”

The first phase of the prescription drug plan, which is in effect, covers pensioners, invalids, people over 65 years of age who are not eligible to receive a National Insurance Board pensions and children under 18 years of age, or those under 25 years of age if they are full time students.

“This program(the drug plan)in itself brings a measure of dignity and re-assurance to those vulnerable groups who struggle to secure essential medications and supplies necessary for the maintenance of good health,”said Sir Arthur.

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