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School sports administrator adds significant dimension

Desmond Bannister continues to impact all within his jurisdiction significantly. He is indeed a special politician in an era when there is much to complain about, given the general attitude of those who sit in that arena.

When he was handed the Ministry of Education about a year ago, that governmental entity was in chaos. He began with the concept of developing a proper mix within the nation’s education ministry’s family. Readers would recall that he said his first order of business was to network with the major players in the ministry, the teachers and others to get a good read on the best direction to take.

That might sound simplistic, but that fact that he did not initially approach that all-important post as though he knew everything best, made all the difference in the world between an important government arm with serious problems and one on the quick mend.

His style of government leadership was embraced and now the ministry is operating smoothly. I recall during a discussion we had at the outset, Minister Bannister indicated that he wanted to take a very good look at the school sports system and come up with a plan that would enable the general program to maximize the”amazing talents”of our young boys and girls.

The appointment of Evan Wisdom as the nation’s first after-school sports administrator of substance is clearly part of the evolving process the minister is engineering. This is a very pivotal step.

One has to wonder why this new structure was not put in place in a fundamental way long ago. The school sports system actually became quite conflicting with infighting going on between coaches and the school sports association at odds with the principals.

Now, there is a position that has to be looked at as the bottom line. It will be a demanding chore for Wisdom. There will be those who want to prove that the idea can’t work. There are those who resist any change.

A big plus factor though is Wisdom’s sports background. He has been in a sports environment all of his life. He has a feel for sports. He has the kind of insight that should bode him well when the challenges come, as they certainly will. It is however, a steep hill he must climb.

Here’s a quote fromThe Nassau Guardian’ssports lead on Wednesday:

“We are envisioning trying to form a national championship in all of the core events, thus bringing together the public school and the private school systems, and all of the independent leagues,”said Wisdom.

That alone, is a monumental task. Of course there are the many personalities within the system he has to wade through if success is to be the result. I wish him well. Congratulations to him as he gets into his new job and to Minister Bannister for his continued direct and positive approach to governance.

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