Sunday, May 31, 2020


my undertsand ing the co buying is bgi us company..they are ogign tobe conitue on with palsn there…thats my unertsanding.. not accelerated to some.

if they are buying an dbuyig …speka wonders for th evalue that is put o that asset. cold only spel goo hing for that facility a nd GB economy

always a possibilty when pp see other coming ian dn mkaing such hadnsme invetse coul be attarcytonfor amany others…

Percentgae is now 6 percent on personalty(everythign otgher than land0 part of asset bas eof co)and then 12 percent on realty. on

the purchaser-

Tuesday mornign at 8:30 am.

Murder victim found
PACBO show highlight