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A Dynamite Daisy Christmas–10 years on

Most serious historians would concur that great events happen at the turn of each new century thereby ushering in the dawn of a new era while closing the chapters of the past. Such was the case in 2000, at the height of the”Y2K”frenzy when Bahamians were stocking up on water and food supplies and other necessities just in case all the computers crashed sending the world into a mad frenzy.

Amidst the buzz and the hustle, a dream was being born in the mind of Lyn Terez Davis. This young striving Bahamian woman, armed with a strong education in theater from Morgan State University, and a deep desire to pursue her godly purpose on the national landscape, began what is now know today as Dynamite Productions.

It is from this launch pad that the now nationally known character”Dynamite Daisy”was created. A mixture of satire, irony and comedy, Daisy has somehow flown into the hearts of the Bahamian public–young and old, rich and poor, professional and blue-collared, white and black.

Lyn Terez Davis, the last child of Bishop Ros and Lady Althea Davis, credits her beginnings and first opportunities to the late Kayla Lockhart Edwards who believed, supported, nurtured and pushed her talents to the forefront. Now in their tenth year, the production company has been the impetus for stage productions–“Conch Salad Christmas,””Daisy’s Whirlwind Weekend,””Daisy’s Kapuncle-up Vacation,””Judge Daisy”, and the most recent offering,”The Valley and the Shadow of Death.”

This year Davis(aka Dynamite Daisy) celebrated her 10-year anniversary in a two-part celebration which concludes on Boxing Day, on Sunday, December 26 as she presents two shows reviving the”Original Conch Salad Christmas” at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts.

For the first part of her celebration, Davis hosted a birthday party at Phil’s Food Services on Gladstone Road where she had face painting and cake for everyone. Children were able to take photos with Daisy, from which part proceeds went to the HIV/AIDS Foundation.

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