Sunday, May 31, 2020


Abaco Neem Limited

Daphne DeGreagoro

sales and marketing manager.

4 ranges of products


alternative medicianal


agriculatural line

in the body prodcus saop cream sampoos lotion

medicinal … extract out of the neem leef

pure oil form the fruit

salve for muscle joint and pain

also sell the tea quie pop local mket … natural digestive, high blood pressure, reduce sugar and make a capsuel, neem leaf capsule

because the tea is very bitter sometimes prefer to use the capsule.

also more recommended when you’re dealing with acutal ailments.

in the eastern world(native to india)it has been more commonly used and there are teh equiv of FDA ratings

Its the oldest tree used in ayduvedic medicine … really what natural healing is.

Imported seeds form India.

basically picking up from waht has been found in indai

known as’village pharmacY”

causes no harm and is multi-purpose.

next track for dentail hygeine … … …

really convenient when you have a family

farmer started 18 years ago. products on market 10 years

we’ve got lease for just over 200 acres at present time they have just under 100 acres cultivated. primarely neem but also fruite&floral nateive to CAribben

6500 neem trees.

also grow other plants the depend on. now importing essential oild from these plants but world is over conusming so they are preparing fo rth future by preapring plants

eg aloe, cocunut oil, citronella(but repellent).

aslo started cultivating soem new medicianal trees … butthat’lookingto fuureN

“Awlays grown cutting developiong to dkeep cutting edege 830

prodcution center is first buidling right at airport circle in Marsh Harbor

Farm is 13 miles south of there

full time 5

during harvest season up to 15 part time pickers 3 to 4 months

other part time laborers

The farm is the only certified orgainic farm in country.

company out of Gainesville comes annually to examin their farm practices … very strict records of what they do on teh farm.

Best seller overall is the neem leaf capsule because it

supports the immune system … once immune sys operating at optimal condition body can ward of infection.

next is neemleaf extract used :1st response product”

treating anything topically, or internally

Neem Salve … topical arthritis treatment

int’l by way of mail order … ship anywhere in the world

ship to us , canada, england, norway recently

The primary properties of Neem … why neem is so valuable





anti inflammatory

Depending on form used it can help you treet any of those issues.

no contra-indications

can enhance performance of medication

It’s a trial and error kind of treatment like most’bush medicines.”

“Everything proven by use nad experience15:00

ALSO good for skin conditions eg psoriasis,s sketch marks, can actually reverse discoloration

Our objective is one of education. we would like

somoen selling in spa in Jamaica

turned down offers to sell products outside of

focus for 2011 willb e to develop farm as an educational opporutnity&eco0-tourism destination fo rlocal tourism as much as foreign.

trying to set up for shcoold to come and camp at farm

learn about the environment focus on rasing awarenes of enveron, protecing& ???

esp kids from nassau opp ot experience fam&experience but also elarn about responsibility.

challenges … mother nature

bureacracy in terms of getting support

govt mad strides but”when we lokd t our hist, at ho wmuch we did prodcuce, … major challenge is also cost.

also made in BAh is not inferior. locals need to have more confidence in what is locally grown&produced. sAys when you buy the fancy stufrf you are at the mercy of the label. .. can come there walk in and see what’doing&how it’s grown

21:00 quote

Nick Maiollis … owner of company

full credit for starting the company

On average 20%growth over the last 4-5 years.

Went from1 island(ABACO)

Would like to seemore resorts, hotels, etc. using them for amenity


if i hav to say 1 big dissapointement , the hotles&resorts … its only lip service … really not supporting thtem. govt concessions make it difficult to conmpte

shame visitors coming into the country cant be exposed to ,

ask to speak to Ellen sands if she’s not htere

Murder victim found
PACBO show highlight