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Carmichael Primary School vandalized

The walls of Carmichael Primary School have been defaced.

Derogatory statements were sprayed on the walls in neon colors by person(s)who vandalized the Carmichael Road school sometime between Monday and Tuesday.

Principal of the institution Rosella Darling-Armbrister toldThe Guardianyesterday that the school’s security officer discovered the graffiti yesterday morning when he was making his rounds.

The vandalizers wrote on the walls of two of the school’s blocks.

“I was very annoyed,”said Darling-Armbrister, referring to the moment when she viewed the damage.

“The school does not belong to the students of Carmichael Primary. This school belongs to the community and we want to appeal to the community to assist us in the upkeep of the school so that they can also have access to it.”

Darling-Armbrister said now that the school has a basketball court, a lot of children and teens in the area come on the school grounds to play basketball.

“I want to say to the persons coming in, you can use the facilities but keep it in a decent manner,”she said.

This is the third time that the school was vandalized in the past two years.

Darling-Armbrister said that on two separate occasions a few of the classroom doors were vandalized in the past.

She added that this most recent act is the worst that she has ever seen.

Additionally, the principal said in the last two months two of the school’s air conditioning units were stolen and the office area of the school was broken into.

Thieves also stole four computers during that break-in, Darling-Armbrister said.

“We are here to help our students be the best that they can be, and if we are going to have persons in the community coming in to destroy what the government has put in place for us then that is not a good thing. We just want to again say to the parents if you know that your children are doing these things,[discipline and educate them],”she said.

Officer-in-Charge of the Carmichael Road Police Station Superintendent Paul Rolle said his officers are investigating the incident.

“We have our officers who are going to come and take a sample of this paint,” he said, referring to the paint used on the walls.

“We have some of the designs, if you look at the graffiti, it gives us an idea of who is responsible. It appears as if it is a teenager about 17 years of age.”

Supt. Rolle said anyone in the area with information on the vandalism is asked to contact the police.

“We want to discourage this type of behavior. This individual needs help and we’ll take him to the place where he can get it,” he added.

Rolle said the attack on the school is the first the police have seen in a long time.

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