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PACBO show highlights enthusiasm for boxing

The enthusiasm that continues to build as a result of the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization’s(PACBO)show two Saturdays ago at the Nassau Stadium is indeed heart-warming.

A priority was to bring the sport back to its first formal home, the stadium, in a big way. This was done and the crowd response was an indication of the boxing nostalgia the stadium and its founder Charlie Major Sr. brings about.

It was encouraging also that some important players in promotions, sports and entertainment were in the house. It was good to see the likes of Richard Demeritte, Brian Christie, Fred Munnings, Calvin’Lady’Brown, Ray Minus Jr., and Jeff Davis out. Terry Goldsmith came from Grand Bahama for the event.

The Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas(ABFB)that has pledged its support to the national program being initiated by PACBO, was well represented by National Coach Andre Seymour, Secretary George Turner and Treasurer Ikeana Johnson.

Excitement was in the air and Charlie Major Jr. reminisced on the many days we spent watching and being mentored by Charlie Sr., the dean of sports in this nation.

“This is what he wanted. I know he is watching now and smiling at the boys,”said Major Jr.

It is important to note that Major Jr. has agreed wholeheartedly to partner PACBO in the boxing revitalization at the Nassau Stadium. The plan is for the December PACBO event to evolve into a much bigger affair. The organization plans to work in direct conjunction with its local arm, PACBO Bahamas, headed by Meacher Major to stage monthly events.

There will be a scorecard with points for the amateur boxers. The final event in December will conclude the points gathering and the boxer with the highest total at the end of that tourney will be awarded the Charlie Major Sr. Award.

Along the way, PACBO will stage a number of fund-raising events to assist the national program and provide a boost for the ABFB’s overall heavy obligation. ABFB President Wellington Miller, in endorsing the PACBO national project, said:

“It is very good that PACBO has come to the table to help push amateur boxing on a national level. We welcome this and will do all we can to support the efforts because in the end it broadens the general scope of boxing in the country. While we in the federation concentrate on the national teams that have to attend a full slate of regional and international events, it is satisfying to know that there is another organization working with us to spark boxing across the land.”

The next PACBO event at the Nassau Stadium is planned for the end of January 2011.

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