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The hardest work in the world

I guess, that when a whole lot of people initially read the title of this article’The hardest work in the world’, they’ll start to speculate about what I personally feel this is. Some will no doubt say that mining is’The hardest work in the world’as miners have to daily travel deep into the bowels of the earth to do their work, where they’re constantly aware of the very real dangers which exist of an explosion, or cave in of the mine which could be fatal.

Others will perhaps put forth their opinion, that being an astronaut is’The hardest work in the world’. After all, years of conditioning and grueling training goes into this type of career, and of course once again there is the ever present danger of a catastrophe which we’ve all unfortunately witnessed several times, as shuttles blew up and disintegrated, either upon launch from The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, or upon reentry into the earth’s atmosphere in preparation for landing.

As I am writing this article and envisioning people reading it, I can just imagine a whole lot of very busy housewives, particular the younger ones who have several young children to take care of, saying with a certain degree of utter indignation’The hardest work in the world’is most definitely being a stay at home Mom, and to have to daily take care of cleaning, cooking, and the children. Well My Friend, whilst all of these tasks, these jobs, do indeed entail some very hard work, it’s not what I had in mind. In my opinion,’The hardest work in the world’by far, is’Doing Nothing’!

Yes My Friend, to have literally nothing to do, day in and day out, is without any shadow of a doubt, in my opinion’The hardest work in the

world’. This is why so many people who retire, with the sole objective of being able to do absolutely nothing, so often die shortly after they retire, they die out of sheer boredom. Yes My Friend, human beings are most alive, most satisfied when they are busy in the process of achieving a desired objective, and indeed working very hard to actually make their dreams come true.

Sure, it’s perhaps nice to occasionally do nothing for a very short period of time; but then it becomes acutely boring and completely unsatisfying. As Earl Nightingale put it”Man is a goal achieving organism, who is most happy when in pursuit of a desired objective”Yes indeed he is!



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