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Two more Baha Mar contracts signed

Baha Mar signed two more contracts valued at$40 million with local companies yesterday for road works, including the rerouting of West Bay Street, which it said is scheduled to begin next month.

Meanwhile, contracts between Baha Mar and the government could be completed later this week and all documents from all entities involved, including the China Export/Import Bank(project financier)and China State Construction, completed by mid January, according to Baha Mar President Don Robinson.

Winners of the road works bid, Bahamas Hot Mix Limited(BHM)and Bahamas Marine Construction(BMC), have joined forces on this phase of the project, according to a statement released by the company.

Robinson said the road works portion of the project will create 100 direct jobs and 100 indirect jobs.

Jimmy Mosko, president of

BMC, said,”You’ll have independent truckers bringing material to the sites; you’ll have independent landscapers working, Readymix concrete suppliers-even lunch ladies.”

According to Baha Mar’s Vice President of External Affairs Robert Sands, the rerouting exercise will not displace or impede the traffic flow on West Bay Street.

“All of this work here is being done on land that is totally unutilized at the moment,”he said.

“Therefore, once this road work is completed there will be a seamless transition.

“The day we open up or want to close the existing West Bay Street we’ll open up the new West Bay Street with no impact to traffic.”

Sands said when the rerouting of West Bat Street is complete and Corridor 7, which will connect John F. Kennedy Drive to West Bay Street, is complete, the core phase of the$2.6 billion Baha Mar project will begin.

According to Sands, the road rerouting and development of the commercial village will take approximately nine to 10 months to complete, which means Baha Mar’s mega-resort campus could begin to take shape in the first half of 2012.

Baha Mar awarded the contracts to construct the commercial village to four local companies.The winners of the contracts to build the new Fidelity building, Scotiabank building, police and fire stations and Commonwealth Bank building are John F. Dunn and Associates, Cavalier Construction, CGT Contractors and Developers and Osprey Development respectively.

Sands said 13 companies placed bids for the construction of the commercial village and for the road works part of the project.

This first phase of the Baha Mar project was given exclusively to Bahamian owned companies.

“Baha Mar is committed to an open-bidding process for all construction work so as to ensure equal opportunity for all contractors who can meet the qualifications, safety, timing and work quality as demanded by its project schedule and brand standards,”Robinson said.

“And to this end Baha Mar has launched a series of town hall meetings in the out islands of the Bahamas so as to inform and assist all local contractors wishing to participate in this mega project.”

The mega-resort campus is expected to be completed and opened by December 2014.

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